Chapter 8: Golden Scars

     Unith had been traveling on his horse for about 5 hours now, and he had just crossed over into Grizzly Hills. The climate was surely different. Him and Mythaania had been in a cold, snowy environment. Now it was crisp and warm, and they were surrounded by towering pine trees and small ferns. Unith was still thinking about how Mythaania had been called "Dofore Shathu" by Alexandria, the late Death Knight.

"Unith, there's a place nearby. It's called Amberpine Lodge, and I'm sure we can find refuge there." Mythaania spoke through Unith's mind.

"How far, you suppose?" Unith continued along the beaten path.

"'s right there." Mythaania finished, laying dormant in the sword once more.

     Unith squinted his eyes, focusing a little more on the lodge just a few hundred yards away. He cracked the reins, causing his horse to pick up speed. Once they had arrived, Unith was stopped by a pair of guards before he officially entered the area.

"Name, and state your business." One asked, walking to the side of his horse.

"Unith Fulton, last living Lightbringer. I come to seek three hots and a cot until I depart for Howling Fjord." Unith nodded, dismounting his horse.

"Allow him through." The other stated, as Unith lead his horse into the small village-type setting.

     Mythaania once more wove herself into the Paladin's thoughts, picking at his mind.

"Unith. We need to stop, like soon. Go reserve lodging so I can stretch." She whined on.

"Do spirit's even need to stretch?" Unith laughed under his breath, trying for no one to hear him.

"I don't know, do humans need hands to wield?" Mythaania snapped back, now growing annoyed.

"Fine, fine. Sheesh." He dismounted his horse, allowing someone to station it in the stables across from the large tavern like building.

     The Paladin rose up the staircase of the lodge, finding a room on its top floor. He lay down the sword on his bed, allowing for Mythaania to swirl out, bringing her spirit energy into the form of her 'body'. Unith opened the curtains and walked over to take off his plate armor. Mythaania drifted to the window, admiring its view. With their room, you could see everything it seemed that was below their mountain the lodge was set on.

     Silence hung between the pair as Unith went downstairs to officially reserve their room and take care of his horse for the night. Mythaania hung around their room for what seemed like forever, when Unith finally came back.

"Dinner's ready, wanna go with me? They're having it outside." His gruff features offered a sense of warmth.

"Yeah. I'll get in Ashbringer." Mythaania half-heartedly responded, diminishing into its sleek blade.

     The dinner was held outside, on the wooden platform that clung to the mountainside. Several guards, Dalaran emissaries, and a melting pot of others showed up for dinner. Unith sat and talked with the couple who runs the lodge, telling them about his journey across the continent. Mythaania mustered up some magic, making herself invisible as she exited Ashbringer, floating down the mountainside.


The End

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