Chapter 7: Heir to the Night

     Unith,  without hesitating, reached for Ashbringer.  He griped the handle, on what was now a smoldering metal. Unith jerked his hand off the blade out of reaction and quickly turned around, where he faced a group of Death Knights. He analysed the area to find an exit point.

"Unith Fulton... wielder of Ashbringer. It's been some time, hasn't it?" The same voice that was in his head continued.  "We've been hunting you down for sometime now... First Lordaeron. Then our settlement... and  now here.   You've been a tricky one to find, just to have us stumble upon you here". 

"I'm sorry." Unith interrupted. "But I'm sure I don't remember talking to any Death Knights of your kind... all of the ones I have met are dead now. Who are you?"

  "Alexandria. One of the few Death Knights that was spared during your temper all those years ago...also the one your friend so kindly let me in control of my body again."

  "Off to a rough start aren't we?" Mythaania whispered in Unith's head.

"Look, I'm sorry my friend overtook your body back there but-" Unith was cut off.

"That doesn't matter. Nothing matters... not even my friends you slaughtered when they were unarmed... no... all we are here for is your sword, Ashbringer.  Hand it over."

Unith reached back for Ashbringer again, forgetting it was hot. Unith's hand jumped back in surprise.

"You don't learn do you..." Alexandria spoke. "One of your kind is not fit to wield Ashbringer. You're unskilled to wield it, with all the proof right here. Hand over the sword and no one gets hurt."

     Unith looked around to see if there is a possible way to fight his way out, then looked directly at Alexandria and started to chuckle.

"...and no one gets hurt?" Unith replied keeping in his laughter. "If you know so much about Ashbringer then you should know that I would slowly die from being departed with it." Unith slipped a grin.

"A small price to pay-" Alexandria started.

"A price I am not willing to pay." Unith said sternly, growling. He grabbed a hold of Ashbringer ignoring the burn and charged at Alexandria.

     The Death Knights surrounding the pair started to reach for their swords, but Alexandria waved them back. Unith raised Ashbringer into the dreary night sky, as Alexandria eerily whispered while looking at him.

"He who fights bathed in Mother Moon's light, shall find his might in the dead of night." cackling, she threw her hands up last minute and shot him back with an arcane blast.

"Unith!" Mythaania screeched from Ashbringer, as the sword hit the ground with a loud clatter.

     Alexandria drew her hands up with a light purple glimmer. She stared at the fallen man and his sword, who was pulsing with black energy. 

"Ahhh...yes. Here she is. The old huntress. Mythaania Silverspear. Show yourself, girl. So that we may see your new nature." Alexandria stood straight, and brushed her blonde hair out of her face.

"You have no right to go after him in this manner. He did NOTHING to hurt you! NOTHING, ALEXANDRIA!" Mythaania's spirit was emitting a crimson mist.

      Unith opened his eyes slightly to see Mythaania hovering over him. He tried to sit up but she threw out both of her hands, binding Unith's limbs to the ground. She levitated to Unith's side, and peered at Alexandria and her band of Death Knights. They all had the exact same thing happening to their eyes, an insanely bright glow of blue and black. And they all seemed to mimic Alexandria's breathing pattern.

"Ha! I told you guys!" Alexandria scoffed, "She's a harmless spirit! Only in existence because she can't find peace. What's the issue, sweetheart? Holding on to this poor man's soul just to use him?"

"You...know...NOTHING!" Mythaania scowled as she shot spikes from her body into every Death Knight surrounding her. Alexandria screamed.

"What have you done?! They didn't hurt you! You killed them!" She began charging up another spell as Mythaania raised up both of her hands and spiked out all fingers.

     Something in the Death Knights caused all of their eyes to reduce to that of a small dull blue glow, not even an eyeball remained. They bent over in an awkward position and cried out in pain. Although no bones were broken, Alexandria still yelled at Mythaania. Mythaania began swirling both of her arms, and the Death Knights moved at her command. 

" can't be! Y-you! I know who you are! Dofore Shathu." those were Alexandria's last words as the Death Knights closed in and drained the very essence of her being from her body.

"Halt." Mythaania ordered. "You will not devour the essence, for I shall absorb it. Giving me the benefits of a stronger soul." Mythaania hovered over where the Death Knights were suspending Alexandria's essence in mid air.

     Mythaania brought her hands to hold the swirling ball of light violet and grey. She led it to her chest, where it then became absorbed in her body. Her mouth opened, and a sigh escaped, bringing with it a wave of pure white mist. Mythaania began to glow gold, as the bottom of her torn gown had legs forming out of the bottom. Her spirit body became more defined, and now she could slowly gant instead of purely floating.

     "Be free..." she faintly whispered. The Death Knights all slowly came to the ground and closed her eyes. Unith's bonds were undone as he walked over to Mythaania, picking up Ashbringer.

"Dofore Shathu? What does that mean? Alexandria called you by that name I remember! And what of the Death Knights? What will become of them?"

     Unith's barrage of questions didn't phase Mythaania. She instead walked over to Ashbringer and fused herself back inside. Unith faced the blade toward his face, but wasn't greeted with Mythaania's.

"Let's just go, Unith. The Death Knight's will be fine. They're just in a temporary sleep. So, Grizzly Hills next?" her face showed up then, with a clear look of sorrow.

Unith seemed to understand, and responded. "Yeah...Grizzly Hills. Let's go. It's nearly dawn. We can rest in a few hours."

     Mythaania dissipated and Unith sheathed Ashbringer. He found his horse still tied outside the camp, and mounted it. He looked back at Ebon Watch, what was thriving 6 hours ago now a dampened mesh of tents and a tavern. With the giant pile of unconscious bodies at the back. Mythaania's face materialized and curved her way so that Unith could see her.

"Mistress Mystery." she spoke, before disappearing back into Ashbringer.



The End

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