Chapter Six: Doubting the Dreams

“It was nice having you here, Unith. Hopefully your journey with your lady friend here works out. Remember, time is money, friend!” Gaz’s voice echoed as Unith rode out, Mythaania, back in the Blood Elf body, rode on a horse next to him.

“Unith, what will we do about this? I can’t stay in here much longer. My connection is weakening.” Mythaania’s hands loosened their grip on the reins of the horse.

“Don’t worry. We only have a few more miles to ride until the Zul’Drak border. Can you hold up?” Unith questioned, looking over at her.

     Mythaania nodded, and faced forward once more. The snow had completely stopped, and small rays of sun had made their way through the sky. The two continued to ride, until at last they reached the border. The graceful land of soft snow cut off into the harsh land of violet and black bushes. Mythaania dismounted, brushed the hair out of her eyes, and stumbled over to Unith. Unith put his arm around her and lead her over to a tree. The body fell softly against the dark grass of Zul'Drak. The eyes closed, and Mythaania's spirit rose up from the body. She opened her eyes, to reveal a slight golden glow.

"This feels so much better. I can't thank you enough for finally finding me again, Unith." her arms stretching as she found her way to the sword on Unith's back.

"I did make you a promise," Unith smiled, "and I'm one to stick to my word." he unsheathed Ashbringer so Mythaania could enter.

     Unith mounted his horse, and continued on into the new area. All around him was troll-ish buildings, dark and twisted trees, and oddly large spiders. He continued on to the center settlement known as The Argent Stand. Thunder rumbled in the distance, as Unith tightened the reins and his horse snorted. Mythaania's image appeared on the blade once more as she spoke with a broken voice.

"U-Unith. There's very strong spirit energy here. We need to hurry. Night approaches." her face slithered away before he had a chance to respond.

"That was too quick..." he thought, "She would never disappear that soon. Almost as if it was a quick warning..." Unith snapped the reins on the horse to a steady gallop.

     Unith glanced upwards to see the tall pavilion that covered The Argent Stand. Fences, barricades, and debris littered the entryways. Unith dismounted his horse, and unsheathed Ashbringer. Mythaania drew herself out of the sword and laid eyes upon the settlement before her. Her mouth dropped to reveal a look of sheer awe upon her face.

"This...this isn't how I remember it looking." Unith spoke, his speech jaggered. 

"I agree. Maybe if we can find ano-UNITH! Watch out!" Mythaania threw up a forcefield in front of the pair just as several darts bounced off and landed upon the stone pathway.

     Mythaania drifted at Unith's immediate right, as they both stared intensely at the bushes some yards in front of them. The sound of rattling leaves seemed to echo in the haunting silence. Then, a figure emerged. Mythaania started to glow red, but Unith moved his arm in front of her, as if to say it's safe. 

"State your business, Blood Elf. What reason do you have to attack us?" the way Blood Elf rolled off the tongue left a foul essence in the air.

"It's not safe here. The Drakkari are stationed all around The Argent Stand. And with armor as nice as yours..." she trailed off, freezing in place and sharply turning her gaze. "It's the Drakkari bat riders! Get on your steed and follow me!"

     Unith didn't think twice. He wasted no time in mounting up and following the female elf off into a heavily wooded area. They seemed to be going back on a familiar path, as Mythaania pointed out exact creatures they'd seen before on their way in. Without a warning, the female elf came to a halt. Unith's horse neighed furiously but calmed down. Mythaania pushed her face out of the sword to get a quick look around.

"It''s the Drakkari! He's not following us anymore." she brought her whole spirit out of the sword and levitated upwards.

"Drakkari gonna kill anybody who tressspass on desssse landsss!" the troll hissed, showing off his monstrous tusks even more.

     The female elf motioned for Unith to dismount. As he did, she took the reins and lead his horse into a smaller settlement. They had walls, yes. But not the large fortification that used to be The Argent Stand. As she tied up the horse, she turned her full body to Unith and Mythaania. 

Saluting, the elf spoke. "This, is Ebon Watch. Make yourself at home. There is a gathering tonight just after dusk which should give you a couple hours to get situated. See you then." she walked off, leaving the two still a tad bit confused.

     Mythaania went back into Ashbringer, as Unith both sheathed the weapon and covered it with his cloak. Best he not attract any attention around a crowd of strangers. Mythaania wove herself into Unith's thoughts for more discreet conversation. 

"Unith...These people. They're different. And the name of the settlement. Ebon Watch. Sound familiar? I thought I recognized it..." her voice was a little higher pitched, like she was concerned.

"Yeah, I agree. These people aren't exactly what I've seen in all my travels." his voice was louder than he thought, and attracted the attention of someone nearby.

     The person who turned around was indeed a sight. His orange and red beard was braided all the way down to his hips. His eyes rested upon the static hairs that frilled from his beard. His eyes...they glowed an icy blue. And his tone was raspy and bubbly, then again he was a Dwarf so of course he was drinking mead.

"Aye, lad! Come, sit, drink some mead! Tha' meetin'sa bout to start!" he raised his mug, but Unith simply waved and moved on.

"Those eyes, Unith. I know I've seen them before! There was some in Storm Peaks! And lots came to the graveyards at Argent Tournament grounds!" her voice was higher pitched, picking at his mind.

     They walked on, trying to find an empty patch of land within Ebon Watch to set up their tent. They came upon a sign that was tattered but readable. Unith whispered to himself so Mythaania could hear. 

"This watch was established for refugees who managed to escape the Lich King. Death Knights of Acherus, forsaken foot soldiers, and all in between. They may seek shelter here, for this is a safe haven. Founded by the Knights of the Ebon Blade, in memoriam to the late Highlord Darion Mograine."

    Unith's eyes widened, and his thoughts were running rampant. Mythaania withdrew herself from his mind to try and clear it for him a little. She knew exactly what he was thinking. Death Knights. Darion Mograine. He was not safe here. As his jaw slowly dropped, a voice whispered maniacally from behind him.

"We've been waiting, Unith Fulton. You're the last living Lightbringer. Tirion, Darion, Darius. All fallen. Will you be next?"


The End

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