Chapter 5: Broken Mirrors

     Unith moaned as he got up. When he stood up he could feel a pinched nerve in his right leg.

"Gah" Unith slipped.

"You okay?" Gaz asked. "You sure you can make it out there?"

"I'm fine." Unith responded sourly. 

     They headed back out of K3 to search for Mythaania. The snow trickled down from the overcast sky. The wolves in the distance chased each other outside of their den, but quickly ran back inside. Gaz stopped outside the wall of K3 and looked around. Unith looked down at the goblin, puzzled.

"We can't possibly imagine to cover a lot of ground on foot. Follow me." Gaz walked behind K3 to a wooden building.

    Gaz opened the large wooden doors that presented the pair with 6 stalls,  each with a great stallion. Gaz looked up at Unith and waved his hand forward. Unith unlocked the stall and lead the horse out. Putting the saddle on, Unith mounted the horse and rode out to the entrance of K3. Gaz followed behind. Unith looked at the remaining 6 goblins standing at the front entrance, and gave them all directions. 

"Gaz and I will look along the far mountains and caves. You guys will search up to 5 miles out from here. We meet back here at dusk." Unith turned the horse to face the mountains, and started off. 

     Galloping through the snow, Unith and Gaz neared a large cave entrance. Slowing down, they each tied their horses to a nearby tree and entered. Gaz lit up a torch he brought along for a light source. He spoke, breaking the silence.

"So, Unith, hows abouts you tell me a little on this lady friend of yours?" Gaz's accented voice echoed. 

"She's uh...different." Unith was taken off guard by the odd question. "And she's not my lady friend in any sense you may think.

    Gaz let out a small cackle, the torch casting a shadow of his pointed teeth on a nearby wall. Unith rubbed his eyes. Just before he responded, a delicate voice pierced the air. Unith and Gaz stopped dead in their tracks.

"What...what do you think it is?" Gaz whispered.

"I don't know. But hush." Unith responded, crouching down against a rock. He peered into the next room where the voice was heard.

     A female figure sat up straight on top of a collection of ice covered rocks. Her eyes closed and her navy blue hair fell calmly upon her shoulders. The song she was singing had a haunting feeling too it, causing not just the cold to raise goosebumps on Unith's skin. He looked around for anything else, and there it was. Ashbringer lay propped up on the bottom on the rocks, it's blade glistening in the light. Unith's eyes widened, and he shot forward from his hiding spot.

"Ashbringer!" Unith cried out as he grabbed the hilt of his sword.

    The female's tranquil voice stopped, and she immediately shot a shadow bolt in Unith's direction. It hit him, and he fell backwards onto the cave floor. The woman picked up the sword and looked down at Unith. She opened her eyes, only to reveal a black and soulless abyss. She spoke in a hushed tone.

"I'm the guardian of this weapon until its wielder comes to retrieve it. You are a threat. You must be eliminated." As she was charging up another attack, Unith stood and put his hands up.

"Wait! You don't understand! I AM its wielder!" Despite his attempts to stop the woman's attack, she continued casting.

"You have no valid proof of this! You will be eliminated!" She raised her arm to throw the spell when Unith yelled one last time.

"Unith Fulton! Last living Lightbringer! Wielder of Ashbringer, passed down to me by the late Highlord Darion Mograine." Unith put his hands to his sides and formed fists.

    The female stopped her attack, dropped the sword, and fell to her knees. She immediately looked at her hands and burst into tears. Standing back up, the body went limp and fell to the ground as a spirit drew itself out. Unith signed heavily and looked upon the spirit. He had found her. He had found Mythaania. Gaz rushed to inspect the body. 

     "... She's still breathing. Looks like your lady friend will be alr-" Gaz stopped. He looked at Unith talking to himself.  

     "Hey Unith you alright?" Gaz asked.

     "Yeah I'm just talking wi- Yeah I'm fine sorry about that. I uh.. do that sometimes. Clears my mind." Unith  said trying to cover up talking to Mythaania.  Gaz looked at Unith for awhile trying to judge the situation.

     "Alright, we better get your lady friend back to K3 then. She can rest up there." Gaz continued. They both mounted their horses outside the cave, and headed back to K3.  

     "So. I've been trying to figure out how to word this but I'm just going to ask..." Gaz started, "What was your friend talking about back there?"

     Unith stopped in his tracks. "... What do you mean?" he coughed, clearing his throat.

     "You know, waiting for her master, wielder of the blade, Ashbringer. All of that.  I've heard tells of the cursed blade but never thought of it to be true... That blade of yours. It's not Ashbringer is it?"

 Unith let out a laugh. "Of course not! Me have Ashbringer?  If that was the case, you know the stories, I would of killed all of you by now from corruption. Mythaania must of just been hallucinating from being out in the blizzard for so long." he lied trying to cover it up.

"I figured as such." Gaz responded. "If you did have Ashbringer I'd have to worry a little. Not just for my sake but for my people's sake as well. But now that we cleared that up, where do you two plan on going?"

     Unith hesitated a little. 


The End

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