Chapter 4: The Color Called Crimson

     The storm blew over Unith and Mythaania, who was still inside Ashbringer, with winds of monstrous proportions. Unith lost his grip on Ashbringer, which flew into the onslaught of dark clouds and whipping winds. The sleet pelted his face mercilessly as he brought his hands up in a way to shield himself.

"Mythaania! Mythaania! Where are you?! Give me a sign!" Unith's voice shrieked in the extreme storm.

     Squinting his eyes, Unith tossed the cloak he was wearing over his head and trudged his way to where he believed his sword flew. The storm grew more intense, with the clouds now bringing down hail. Unith pressed on, determined to find any sign of his sword. Thinking he saw search lights, he started to run through the thick snow covered ground. Taking his hands away from his face, Unith began to sprint.  His vision was clouded, so instead of slowing down when the lights got brighter, he ran straight into them, his plate armor breaking the glass. Unith looked up, eyes glazing over, to see a stubby green figure. The figure yelled, 

"Aye, boss! We've got us a victim here." the voice had an odd accent to it. 

    Unith heard more words echo in his mind before he passed out entirely.

"And this is me, proving you wrong." he remembered Mythaania, her final words to him being a petty argument.

    Unith slowly opened his eyes, batting them as he came to. He sat up in his bed and looked around. The room Unith had been placed in was concrete, with a mangy fan and a dirt floor. Animal skin rugs littered the room and bed he was laying on. A small palm tree grew in the corner, and the temperature felt humid and sticky. Unith stood, except the ceiling was lower than he had thought. Walking out, his eyes focused on his surroundings. Short green people bustled around the underground settlement. 

"Ex..excuse me, but could someone possibly tell me where I am?" Unith's voice boomed over all the commotion. 

    Everyone stopped. A female ran over to Unith and peered up at him. She called out, 

"Eyo Gaz, the dude's awoken! Get out here before he ruins somethin'!" She said, still staring.

     A male entered from a room behind a counter. He walked over, resting his right hand upon a diamond tipped cane. His voice was very raspy, most likely influenced by the cigar resting upon his plump lower lip.

"As you've probably gathered, I'm Gaz Hearthsprocket. I run this here settlement. Welcome to K3, friend." he spoke, extending both arms.

    Unith glanced down at Gaz, still very disoriented and confused. Gaz raised an eyebrow, and took on a questioning tone.

"What's up, bub? Never seen a sharp dressed Goblin before?" Gaz took the cigar out of his mouth and puffed out a ring of smoke. 

"I'm just...confused. This is K3? It didn't look like this from where I was. It's too humid and hot to be in the middle of Storm Peaks." Unith brushed his blond hair out of his eyes, but it stuck to his forehead.

    Gaz placed the cigar back in his mouth, bouncing it with his tongue. He chuckled, causing ash to fall from the end.

"This is K3, I can guarantee that. The reason it's so humid and hot is because we're underground, baby! Let's take a walk. Come." Gaz trailed off and walked up a staircase.

     Unith followed, his metal boots leaving deep prints in the ground. Gaz led them outside, where the snow had calmed down to a soft drift. What they thought was the sun had a few gleams show through the heavily overcast area.

"Now, this is our gorgeous home known as Storm Peaks. She cradles us in her ice cold bosom and we live. Now tell me stranger, what brings ya all the way out here?" Gaz tossed the cigar into a nearby snow bank. 

" see, I was on a journey with..." Unith cut off, thinking of Mythaania. Where is she now? Is Ashbringer allright? 

"A journey, you say? Hm, with who?" Gaz was now intrigued. 

    Unith searched through his mind for a way to explain who exactly Mythaania was.

"A journey with a friend. She's lost out there somewhere. We got caught in the blizzard that hit. I need to find her before something happens..." Unith's voice was soft, and he thought he felt a tear roll down his face.

"Ah, I see. Let's go to my chamber, we'll discuss more there." Gaz slowly walked through the snow, Unith following.

    The pair entered a concrete house next to the one Unith had awoken in. Gaz took off his overcoat and placed it on the coat rack. Unith shook his head and water landed everywhere. Gaz lead him over to a couple chairs in front of a fireplace, a small table was in the middle. Gaz climbed in and placed both of his arms on the burgundy velvet armrests. 

"Now, you say your friend 'ere was lost out in that blizzard? What did she look like?" Gaz looked intently at Unith, whose body was ten times the size of the small chair.

"Yes, Mr. Hearthsprocket. She was. And...I can't recall what she looked like. I'm sorry. All I remember is that she was pale and had long hair, wearing a silvery white gown." Unith felt uncomfortable in the attire the Goblin's had put him in. 

    Gaz gazed upon Unith's body, inspecting his build. His neck caught his attention especially, making him gasp and yell.

"Those markings! You''re...a Dark One! But how?! I thought you were a royal Paladin?!" Gaz was now out of his chair and in front of Unith.

"Oh, no. Gaz, I assure you I'm not a demon...You see, my friend Mytha-" Unith was cut off.

"I promise you I'm not mad, Sir Unith. I'm just very curious...How could this happen to someone like you?" Gaz stood on the chair behind Unith, and placed his talon-like fingers around Unith's neck, grazing his skin lightly.

"Certain situations call for drastic measures. In this case, it had a price," Unith responded. "but in the end, it's what I get for all that has happened."

"You're just speaking nonsense now Unith. What happened?" Gaz asked.

Unith was about to respond when another goblin entered the house. "Sir, the blizzard has lifted up. If we want to find his friend, it's now or never."

Unith started to get up slowly but Gaz stopped him. "We've got it from here, Unith. You need to rest. Don't you worry, we'll find your friend before you know it."

"No... I need to go." Unith replied. 

"Why do you insist on going? Surely a group of five could find you friend easily. We didn't find you to far off from here."

"Just trust me on this one. I need to go with you." Unith responded.

Gaz observed Unith and then scratched his head. "If you insist then go ahead. But we won't be waiting up for you."





The End

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