Chapter Two: Misguided Memories

     The next morning arrived with haste as Unith tossed himself about, packing a backpack, and trying to figure out how to take Ashbringer without Mythaania freaking out again. As Unith made his way downstairs, he spotted Mythaania by the door. She had become even more defined, her legs showing out of the silver gown that lay upon her skin. She had her hands folded on her chest as she turned around to face Unith.

"Thank you, Unith. This means a lot. Recovering my body will bring me all the answers I need." her voice was smooth, and you could almost make out the expression of gratitude. 

"Yeah, you're welcome. Just...try not to freak out at all, okay?" Unith slowly reached behind his back.

     Mythaania hovered over to Unith. She turned her head to the side in interest, and her apparitional eyes widened. Unith gripped the hilt of a sword, and pulled out Ashbringer. A small ray of sunlight from outside made the end of the blade gleam. Mythaania forced herself back, and hissed.

"You! You are its wielder! This eyesore of a weapon cannot be brought along with us!" Mythaania yelled, her spirit starting to glow red.

"No, no. You don't get it. I NEED to bring this sword. It's all I have." Unith's voice was stern, his hand gripping the hilt tightly.

     Mythaania's spirit went from red to the soft white it had been before. Her hands unclenched from fists and fell to her side, dangling. She lifted one hand gracefully, and put it upon her shadowy face. Sighing heavily, she spoke.

"I guess if you really have just have to promise not to leave it anywhere near me." Mythaania peered up at Unith.

"You never told me," Unith continued, "where exactly is your body? I'd like to have some interpretation as to where we're headed." Unith sheathed Ashbringer.

     Mythaania floated over to the front door. She placed a wraithlike hand upon the knob, and turned. As the door opened, she nearly disappeared against the snowy grounds. Unith could hear an almost inaudible whisper.

"Lordaeron." she spoke, vanishing into the day. Unith headed outside after Mythaania and grabs the book on the way out. 

"Hold up, I moved away from that place for a reason." Unith spoke.

"And it's also the place I was slain by your sword. We're going." Mythaania responded.

"You don't understand..." Unith reached a hand out in opposition.

"I already know you slayed your whole family out of rage, and it'll bring up bad memories, but I need to get back to my body." Mythaania said.

"No. It's not just that. After everyone I knew was dead, the voices didn't stop... They had actually gotten louder. And not just the voice that said to kill everyone... it was also the voices of everyone I killed. All of my friends... my family... even some of the neighbors I never took time to know. It slowly drove me more mad. The longer I stayed there, the more insanity had a hand on me." Unith explained.

"If I had stayed any longer... who knows if I would of came out of it. If you plan to get your body, you'll have to do it without me." He began to turn around, before Mythaania interjected one more.

"It's not that simple Unith..." Mythaania spoke.

"And why the hell not?" He sneered, turning back around angrily.

     Bystanders were walking by Unith's house as he spoke to Mythaania. A lot of them stopped and looked puzzled at Unith. As if something was wrong.

"Because..." Mythaania responded, "My soul is attached to Ashbringer, your sword. I can't go far without it being near."

" can forget it, I am not going back there." Unith said.

"Excuse me, Sir Fulton...who might you be speaking to?" One of Unith's neighbors came up, tapping his shoulder in concern.

"Who do you think I'm talking to? Her." Unith pointed to Mythaania.

     Unith's neighbor looked at where the broad Paladin was pointing.

"Unith... there is no one there. Are you sure you are feeling fine?  I think you should go back inside and get some sleep." The woman continued, now placing her full hand on his shoulder.

"She's right there! How can you not see her?!" Unith snapped, annoyed at the situation.

"Unith... there's something I need to tell you," Mythaania whispered, drifting towards him. "Ashbringer... it's the bond between Unith, the human, and Mythaania the soul. Meaning only you can see me. And of course you are the only one who can hear me too." her tone almost mocking as she explained.

     More and more people crowded around Unith as he spun to look at them all. Eyeing almost every person, he saw they had a look of concern. It seemed they were all speaking at once.

"Are you all right? Do you need rest? Aren't Paladins supposed to be forever well?" the voices were throwing themselves at him like bullets in a battle.

     He slung his bag on his shoulder, yelled at Mythaania, and mounted his horse. Driving straight through the crowd, Unith rode towards Storm Peaks.

The End

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