Chapter One: Ash to ashes

           Fire had glazed the roads of Lordaeron with smoke and ash. The kingdom's people had been corrupted with violence and vengeance. And those who didn't have corrupted souls, ran in fear. The descendants of the Lightbringer were in the streets fighting one another. Mothers and others tried desperately to get the orphans out of the orphanages' burning building, but while doing so the building collapsed killing whoever was in there instantly, or for the unlucky, suffocation from smoke.

"Kill them all," whispered a voice in the distance. The voice seemed to have a familiarity to it, but couldn't be placed with a face.

           The fighting between the descendants grew fiercer. Bodies upon bodies laid on top of one another. Blood had stained the streets of Lordaeron with a bright red tone.

"Kill them all," repeated the voice louder.

         The humans seemed to get angrier with one another. Knights finally arrived to try to calm things down, and surronded the citizens. All was about to end, until a stray arrow hit and downed one of the knight's horses. The horse screeched in pain causing the outriot to break loose again. The citizens started to attack the knights, even severing some of their heads.

"KILL..THEM..ALL.." at this point the voice was screaming.

        And then stood a young man in the middle of the street, in the middle of all the chaos, wielding his sword, Ashbringer. The man was one of the first to be corrupted, and the last of the decendants of the Lightbringers.

       Unith awoke frantically. He woke up with a puddle of sweat and heavily breathing. It had just been another one of his recurring nightmares of that day. Unith layed back down and sighed.

"Just another nightmare," he said. "It's been a couple years now, why can't I just forget about that damn day and move on."

      He shot back up in his bed and got up to put on some clothes. He headed down stairs and walked out the door.

"Alright, I'm heading out m..." He cut off, looked back inside, and then closed the door. It'd been a couple years, but some habits never stop.

     Unith walked the usual path he walked in the morning in Argent Tournament grounds. He moved there a year ago after the incident happened, excluding himself from everyone he knew in the past, not just for their safety but for his, too.
He finally arrived at his normal stop in the morning, the graveyard. It's where all of his friends and family were buried and a handful of other people. He put flowers he collected on the way up there on each grave in rememberance. One on his brothers, his cousins, his best friends, until he got to his parents. He paused for a moment, and then bowed his head in sorrow.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered, struggling to hold back a few tears.

     After a couple minutes he looked back up and started to walk away until he spotted an unfamiliar grave. He went to the grave and it was covered in cobwebs and dust. He brushed it off and looked what was on it.

"Here lies Mythaania Silverspear. Perished: December 27th alongside her pet and companion, Loque'Nahak. Birth: January 10th, in the Night Elf capital Darnassus. " She was there when it all happened. Unith tried to remember who she was but had no recollection of her name or a face.

     Then Unith heard a thud as if someone had fallen and turned around quickly. All he saw was a bright glowing speck for a split second then it vanished. Unith inspected the area for a couple minutes trying to figure out what it was, and then shrugged it off as being his imagination. He headed back to his house and rested for the remainder of the day. He didn't do much with his days after the inncident, just enough for him to make a living. People in the area seemed to like Unith but he didn't communicate with others well, but still helped out when someone was hurt. It was the least he could do, he whole point of him going to Argent Tournament was to try to redeem himself, even if it was just one person at a time. After the accident and the Scourge, he could never go back to his kingdom.

     Unith woke up the next day and walked back to the graveyard to pay his respects. On his way to the graveyard he passed by a jousting match that was going on between a Tauren and a Gnome. He took a quick glance to make sure it was what he thought he saw. He processed it, chuckled, and moved on his way.  He finally arrived at his parents grave again and made apologies. Unlike the other times, he stopped at Mythaania's grave again. Why couldn't he remember who she was?

     He started to walk off, but a cool breeze caressed his arm. Could it be just his imagination, and the fact he was in Icecrown? Who knows. Either way, it caused him to turn around. He eyed the grave of the female elf, and saw a light wisp standing over it. Unith was alarmed, and stepped back suddenly. The wisp turned to face Unith, and her ghastly words ran a chill up his spine. 

"Don''m her." the wisp made a small finger glow and pointed to the grave.

     Unith shifted his gaze to the tombstone of Mythaania. His voice must've been losing itself, because his tone almost matched that of the wisp. His body felt shaky, but he walked closer to the wisp. Her face slowly materialized, not enough to see close features though. Her tiny voice spoke once more, 

"Unith Fulton, last living Lightbringer. I've been watching you." her voice trailed off as the spirit energy drained back into the grave.

     The next morning, Unith awoke with great curiosity. He hadn't had that recurring nightmare for once, which was strange. He stumbled through his house, grabbing his shoes and sitting down on a kitchen chair. Unith's mind was enlivened with thoughts on yesterdays encounter with the wisp woman. Was she there as a sign? A guide? Or..a curse perhaps? 

"That face! I swear on The Light I know that face...I just...can't remember.." And then it hit. He ran out the door without locking it behind him.

     Unith mounted his horse stationed outside and rode as fast as he could to the graveyard. Dismounting by the entrance, Unith entered. He walked over to the grave of Mythaania Silverspear. Sure enough, the wisp was there. Unith mustered up the courage to speak, 

"Excuse me, Miss. But did you say you were the woman mentioned here on this gravestone?" his voice was sturdier than he had thought.

     The wisp turned her decrepit and ghostly figure to face Unith. Her hands unfolded from her waist, and she spoke.

"Yes..I am..Mythaania Silverspear..a sad and lost soul rejected by her Goddess, Elune. Cursed to wander this world in search for answers..." Mythaania's voice was so distant and soft, you could almost pick it for imaginative.

"Answers? Answers for what? Were you murdered? Do you remember anything at all, Mythaania?" Unith's expression went from afraid to slightly concerned. 

     Mythaania drifted next to Unith. He felt the intense cold radiating from her spirit, but somehow it felt warm. He didn't feel threatened by her, but more intrigued. He focused on her, attempting to see what he thought was her face.

" May I come back with you..? I won't harm." Mythaania's voice was weakening, which meant she was going to retreat to the grave soon.

"Uhh, sure. Follow me." Unith's voice was off. He'd never offered a wisp to enter his home

     Unith rode back on his horse, and he could only assume Mythaania drifted alongside him. They entered his home, which was left unlocked. Unith could barely track the wisps movement throughout his home. Floating around furniture, on the ceiling, everywhere. Then, she went upstairs. Unith slowly followed, making sure to lock the door this time. He found Mythaania drifting around his bedroom. She then stopped, and descended beside a locked chest at the foot of his bed.

     She placed two fragile, phantasmal hands upon it. Unith watched her do what he thought was her closing her eyes. She then opened them suddenly, took her hands back, and let out a banshee cry. Unith was panic-stricken, and he fell back upon the wooden door to his room. Breaking it, he slowly sat up to find Mythaania's wisp to be a light shade of red, and she appeared angry. Her face spun to look at Unith. She screamed the same words over again,

"Ashbringer! Ashbringer! MURDERER! MURDERER! Curse you by the name of Balnazzar! DEMON!" Mythaania was screaming, and her spirit became very uneasy.

     The air became very heavy, and Unith had difficulty breathing. Mythaania's spirit energy went into a funnel, and dwindled into the floor.

"She knows..." were the only words Unith could speak before he passed out on the floor.

     “Unith!” yelled Unith’s sister, Ervaina. Ervaina was on her her knees pleading. “You have to stop, this has gone to far. Just let go of Ashbringer.” Unith stuttered, “Kill...Them...All...” Unith raised Ashbringer, ready to strike down. “Please...” whispered Ervaina. Unith was ready to deliver the killing blow upon Ervaina, when he heard a nearby horse screech out of pain. He looked over to see a horseman downed from an arrow. He looked around trying to find where the arrow came from. He looked up to a building to see a woman figure, with distinct glowing golden eyes. He looked back to see Ervaina was gone. He turned to the roof and went after the girl on top of the building. She noticed he had spotted her, and quickly rushed off the rooftops. He darted over to the building where he saw the woman. Unith looked around to see nothing near the site. When he was about to head back to look for Ervaina, he heard a rustle from a bush on the border line of the forest. "Get back here! Stop running!" Unith yelled, sword flailing in the air as he ran along the rooftops with armor clanking. The slender woman and the animal that was with her leaped out of a bush beside the final house Unith was on. He sheathed Ashbringer, and dove. Rolling on the grass, Unith unsheathed his sword and stood, ready for an attack. Then it started. The feline type animal Unith had spotted earlier jumped at him from the bushes, while an arrow grazed by his ear from the above tree. Unith swung Ashbringer at the animal and it was thrown off, whimpering in pain. "Loque'Nahak!" the female elf cried out. She jumped from the tree, bow in hand, towards Unith.  He braced himself, but all the elf could do was stand there. Her long, vibrant blue hair stuck to her sweat ridden face. Her heavy breathing the only sound besides the distant cries of a burning kingdom. She stood up, dropped her bow, and held her arms out. Unith looked at her, confused. She then reached for a dagger with alarming speed. She held the dagger to Unith's throat, but he shoved her off. Unith raised Ashbringer, and a cry rang through the air. "KILL THEM ALL!" Ashbringer was brought down upon the elf. The force of the blow knocking her back against the tree. The elf's pet, Loque'Nahak, crawled over to its master's dying body. It looked up once at Unith with agony and vexation. It growled once, throwing its paws over the elf. The elf looked up at Unith, and coughed up blood before saying her last words, "You...will...regret...this..." her eyes slowly glazed over and her head fell to the side.

     Unith's eyes reopened. Everything in the room around him was spinning in a blur. It took him a couple minutes to refocus his eyes with his surroundings.

“Agh.” He moaned. “What the hell happened?” His head was pounding.

     He got up and looked around his room. Everything was dark, and all he could see was outlines of objects. Could it possibly be night already? What happened.  

“Murderer!” played in his mind. He remembered.

     He got up and felt around his room to find the door, but all he could feel were broken planks of wood. He could see a faint glow coming from downstairs. Staggering to the rail, he tumbled down the flight of steps. Just before he hit the ground, a faint cloud of air flushed beneath him and he landed softly. Standing up, Unith took one hand to his forehead and brushed the hair out of his eyes. There she was. Mythaania's spirit seemed to be more bold...more defined. Unith was now able to make out the outline of her face, and a silver gown she seemed to be wearing. 

"Good morning, Unith Fulton the Lightbringer. How do you fair?" asked Mythaania. Her voice was soft and her spirit was a light hue of blue.

"Uhm...I'm fine, thank you. Any idea what happened yesterday night?" Unith was still grasping his forehead due to the massive migraine that he had developed.

     Just as Mythaania was about to answer, a knock came at the door. Mythaania vanished, and Unith stumbled over to the door and opened it slightly. The sunlight bouncing off all the snow outside was blinding. Unith focused in on a dark, hooded figure on his front step.

"Excuse me? Can I help you?" Unith spoke, but the figure didn't respond.

     Instead, the figure handed Unith a book. This book was bound in leather and tied by string, with strange markings scattered around a circular symbol on the front cover. Unith looked at the book with immense curiosity, but as he glanced back up, the figure was gone. He closed the door and sat down at a table. Mythaania materialized herself in front of Unith. She looked inquiringly at the book upon the table, and lay both of her spectral hands atop the book. Unith looked at her with slight uncertainty, as Mythaania whispered words of another language.

"Shallah'tor...Tor ilisar'thera'nal...Xaxas!" She took her hands off the book and drifted to the side.

     Unith was baffled, not only had he just received some strange book from an odd hooded man, there was a spirit in his house speaking nonsense in front of him. Mythaania turned, her expression blank. Unith stood, facing her.

"Judging by what you just did, I assume you know what this is?" his voice was very questioning.

"Of course...I know...this book is demonic in nature. The language you just heard me speak was my native tongue of Darnassian. Its translation is this: Shadow render...Let our enemies beware! Chaos." her spirit seemed to glow violet.

     Unith's eyes widened. This was a lot to take in. He was just starting to recover from the incident, now a spirit is dwelling in his house. What was he supposed to do now?

"That's uh...nice. Could you tell me exactly what this book does?" Unith wanted to cackle like a crazy man, since he still didn't quite understand this.

     Mythaania wandered closer to him, and sighed. Her spirit seemed to grow darker. 

"This book is used to help you cross over to my realm. I need your help, Unith. Before I go on, will you accept?" her voice had several hints of hope.

     This was it. Unith had a million thoughts buzzing through his head. What's going to happen if he accepts? What about if he declines? He hung his head, and spoke.

"I accept. Tell me what you need." never in his life had Unith thought he would be assisting a spirit. Being raised as a Paladin, he was taught to destroy anything of the sort.

     Mythaania looked at Unith sternly, and he almost screamed. Her eyes...her eyes...her eyes stared at him, their bright golden glow penetrating his mind and soul.

"I need to recover my body." Mythaania spoke, her voice solid and deep.



The End

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