The rise and fall of Highlord Darion Mograine, along with the corruption and purification of his sword, Ashbringer. As Darion dies, he passes along the sword to Tirion Fordring. Once Tirion dies, Unith Fulton is handed the great sword of his ancestors. While visiting the graves of his long gone family, Unith comes into contact with a stray spirit. This spirit was once a night elf Huntress by the name Mythaania Silverspear.

Highlord Darion Mograine flew at a steady pace towards the Scourge necropolis that is Naxxramas. His bone gryphon ignoring the harsh winds and sleet falling, but it seemed to buffet its rider. As Darion neared Naxxramas, he slowed his gryphon and entered through the bottom of the floating settlement. He dismounted, leaving his gryphon outside. Securing Ashbringer on his back, he walked inside the portal. Upon entering, Darion began to hear little whispers from an unidentifiable source. 

"I... was... pure... once." an ominous whisper spoke. Darion looked around, but quickly shrugged it off. 

He walked on through the Construct Quarter, paying no mind to the decaying walls or green acid in the floors. Darion had one thing on his mind right now, to get to Kel'thuzad and discuss the idea on Thaddius. But his thoughts were interrupted again with another faint whisper, 

"Fought... for... righteousness." the voice carried on. The 's' sound was held out, almost as if it were a snake.

Darion picked up the pace. Weary he was being followed by someone...or something. This particular quarter in Naxxramas seemed to go on forever. Darion didn't remember it taking this long to get to Thaddius' chamber. He stopped for a moment, unsheathing his sword, Ashbringer. As his armored hand clenched around the hilt, the voice spoke once more, 

"I... was... once... called... Ashbringer." Darion was almost positive that it was his SWORD that was speaking. But, how could it? It's a weapon after all. Passed down to him from his father, once Highlord Alexandros Mograine.

He had finally made it. The chamber of what was soon to be home to a flesh titan, Thaddius. He pressed on, despite the cold feeling beginning to creep and weave itself inside of his plate armor. There he stood, or rather floated...the Lich Kel'Thuzad. His torn robes fell on his skeletal figure, and the cloth curved upward to nearly envelop his skull. 

"Ahhhh....Darion....You've made it...." Kel'Thuzad spoke, his raspy voice the only sound in the large laboratory type chamber.

Darion walked forward and met the Lich in the center of the chamber. He sheathed Ashbringer once more, and noticed a drastic temperature change to his body. Darion nodded, and faced Kel'Thuzad. His hand was burning, and its at that time when another faint voice danced through the air, 

"Betrayed... by... my... order." this time, there was another being around Darion whom he thought may have heard this.

Darion eyed the Lich, but he seemed more focus on the Tesla coil across the chamber from him. 

"The bodies... we just need... the bodies. And to do that, we must kill. The women and children... they are first on this list. Do you understand, Darion Mograine?" Kel'Thuzad lowered his hands, looking down at the Death Knight.

"Yes, Kel'Thuzad. I do understand. But where exactly do you propose we get all of these bodies?" Darion spoke, his voice was a little shaky.

Kel'Thuzad began inspecting Darion a little harder. His ghastly expression hardening.

"Darion Mograine, are you afraid? Your tone is off, and your little friend here seems to be radiating something..." Kel'Thuzad outstretched a bony finger and pointed at Ashbringer. Kel'Thuzad heard something that time.

"Destroyed... by... Kel'Thuzad." and that's when it became clear. Ashbringer was corrupt once more.

Darion unsheathed the sword, that was now glowing a baleful shade of violet. Red flames licked the blade, and the hilt was burning hot. He dropped the sword, and it fell to the ground with an ear shattering clank. The final voice from the sword spoke, almost a dreadful cry, 

"Kill... them... all!"

The End

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