The Room

Karen is sitting in her office drinking a mug of coffee looking at pictures of the room that the girl escaped from. Different emotions are swimming through her brain, confusion, stress, anger, fear. She does not know which to feel at the moment.

“Uhh God” she moans and rubs her forehead. The blood, the dints, the broken bits of wood. The blood. Is she dying? Is she dead? Karen prays this isn’t the case. She wants the girl alive. She wants the girl alive and healthy, not dead. She pulls out another folder, and a piece of paper which has a list of tests that were taken out on her.

“The tracking device” she whispers to herself, and feels hope in the air. Yes, the tracking device. How could she forget that? The tracking device that was placed in her arm when she was born. What an idiot, she thinks to herself. The tracking device can find the girl. And then they can bring her back. Knowing now what she has to do, she runs out of the office. 

The End

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