The Other Crystal

I put the two pieces of crystal together and they shine a magnificent color of light blue. Something appears in the middle, an image. The prophecy.

“There’s something there” I say.

“Say what?” George says eager to know what it is. I bring it down so all of the other bunnies can see.

“There’s an image in the middle... can you see it?”

“Yes” they all say crowding in a circle to see what it is.

“What is it?”

“Oh no” George says shaking his head.


“It’s the device”

“What device?"

“The one I saw when I was little... it looks the very same... I fear it may come back”

“Erm... is that a good thing?”

“No... no it is not... it appears this prophecy may be a bad thing”

“Oh right” I stare into the crystal at the image. I am not looking forward to what is about to happen. That is if it happens, and when it happens. 

The End

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