In Search Of The Crystal Something

Ten minutes later, Billy arrives with some other bunnies by the lake. Lots and lots of cute bunnies. I never want to leave this lake. Ever. 

"Right Billy, you and some others start over at the opposite end, I'll start down this end and we'll meet in the middle, got that?" George says. 

"Yes, alright, three of you follow me, the other three with George" Billy says, and three follow him around the other side of the lake. Three follow down George down a hole nearby and I am left with my thoughts and the lake. 

This crystal something. I wonder what it is. And I wonder if it does have something to do with the prophecy. I hope it does. I want answers. George doesn't seem to have the answers which is very annoying. So I can only hope and pray that there is a crystal something at the bottom of this lake. 

The End

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