One Step Forward

Two | Lakad


I never took any of the pills my doctor prescribed. I am certainly not depressed. My mother's kind of monitoring if I'm taking those or not, so I usually throw the pills when she's not looking. Waste of money, I know. My mom caught me one time, though. She was cleaning my room (she has a mild case of OCD) and found the untouched prescription. Gave me an earful. So yeah, she pretty much monitored me taking those after that.

Ugh.Gritting my teeth I once again focused on the paper in front of me. I don't even know why I was thinking about my mom and her OCD-ness (I have no problem with her having, that but there really are times when I'm not in the mood dealing with it) and my so-called 'depression'.

Students around me were either memorizing, reading, texting or sleeping. Feeling slightly jealous, I abandoned the reviewer and laid my head on the wooden table. F*ck this upcoming exam.

People kept bumping on my chair--- accidentally or not, I have no idea--- causing me to irritably raise my head, all thoughts of sleep gone as fast as they came. The library was surprisingly filled with students, most are causing unnecessary noise. The librarian sat in the entrance irritably, giving up on telling off the students for the 8th time.

I personally think that she-- the librarian-- should resort to violence. They are too noisy, causing my head to throb even more. One group in particular caught my attention. They are all guys occupying an entire table infront of me, and a female seated at the end. On the table lay some kind of blue-print (or some sort. I don't know what they call it). One or two guys would stand to say or ask something, causing their chair to create noise. I noticed that only the guys looked busy with what they're doing. The girl had her back on me, so I can see that she's just playing on her phone, glancing at the guys every now and then.

My eyes landed on a guy on the same table, and found that he was already looking at me. His gaze was intense, like he was looking through me.

I quickly averted my gaze. Goodness, I'm not really good at keeping eye-contact, especially with a gaze as intense as his. I looked around for a distraction again, keeping a minimal eye contact as much as possible. My eyes fell down on the abandoned reviewer again, never daring to look at that table again. Even with my eyes downcast, I can sense his gaze burning a hole in my cheek.

Juice colored. His dark orbs was already etched in my mind. Not to mention his gorgeous face. Quickly dismissing those thoughts I arranged my things. I almost forgot that I have class in four minutes! Throwing another glance at the guys I made my way towards the exit.

But not before catching those intense orbs again.

Thump. Thump.


a/n: Intense. Intense. Intense. I keep on writing that there, I know. But I don't have any other words to describe such an intense stare. Hahahaha. Whoops. x))

The End

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