Look Straight Ahead

One | Lakad


The truth is, I'm not really good at socializing with other people. I honestly have no idea why I'm even friends with these people around me now. Maybe I'm insanely stoned that time, or I just have an alter ego. Or a multiple personality. Anyways, all I really want to say is that, I'm really socially awkward. I'm not that of an introvert, of course I have a few . . . real friends here and there. 

And there's this one girl. . . she's in one of my classes, and she became my friend. For her case . . . our 'friendship' started when I borrowed a pen from her. The next thing I knew, I was telling her about my father's balding hair, my pet dog who always look at me like I'm stupid (that's seriously true. Creepy) and then we were talking about hot guys, boiling down to our crushes.

Turns out, the guy that I liked and kept on describing was also the guy that she likes. And, they are close friends.

Juice colored.


a/n: Sorry for the grammar mistakes. 

The End

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