I couldn't think of a better name. Sorry. This is a Harry Potter fanfic. I don't think I'll carry it on just as I was so bored. Feel free to add to it.

Years after HP left Hogwarts, this is about a girl called Laina who's father is the new headmaster.

Laina sat on the edge of the roof alone, swinging her legs gently and banging them against the side of the castle. She loved to sit up there; she felt on top of the world. She and her father had only moved in a few days ago. Laina’s father, Jared, had to live here though, it was for his job and Laina couldn’t leave her father, never would she leave him again after her mother died.

She had disliked it at first. The halls were hollow and lonely and the rooms even more so. Each one equipped with the things one might need for a specific reason. Laina wondered about the chalkboards and the many copies of the same books in each room; why would they need it? She reminded herself of the answer, though Laina shouldn’t have forgotten: this was a school, and her father was the new headmaster. She couldn’t wait to come here, to this school in September.

This was Hogwarts.

The End

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