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“I’d have preferred to capture filth like you alive.” Lady Raven spoke to the dead and unconscious men that surrounded her. “You really can’t provide me with much intelligence on your superior this way, still, not a bad night’s work.”  She leaned into the car and came out a minute later with two men’s billfolds. Opening them she quickly surveyed their contents and then made them disappear under her shadow-cloak to join the cash she’d taken from the stash behind the parlor bar’s mirror.

Lady Raven preferred to know as much about her adversary as she could before engaging them like this and with everyone who could possibly know anything about who commanded this man Rutledge she wouldn’t be able to obtain that information this mission. 

“Your days of polluting this city are…Never More.”

With that Lady Raven vanished, sure that her presence would be felt by this crew’s superiors none the less.  She wouldn’t stop until she got to the top man and brought him and his organization down. 



The End

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