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Lady Raven arched up into the air in a flip until she was nearly sitting on the ceiling just as the mirror backing the bar shattered as it became riddled with bullets.  The sub machine pistol roared as it spat death into the parlor.

“Thieving Witch!” The man shouted from the French doors that hung open and banged against the veranda.  He stepped back, effortlessly adjusted his aim, and began firing across the ceiling.  Lady Raven ran up and over the crest of the ceiling and down the opposite wall with the huge window overlooking the back and side manicured grounds of this brownstone being pelted by the storm.

Outside on the street a long black sedan idled with its headlights aimed at the house.  The sedans high beams twinkled in the thousands of rain drops that fell between it and the brownstone.

Lady Raven smiled at the reinforcements.  These goons, no matter how high up the ladder they seemed to operate within the organization, could always be counted on to call up for help.  It wouldn’t be long now before someone with some real authority in the organization showed up to ‘deal’ with her and she’d finally be able to move into phase two.

“It’s not polite to shoot at a lady.” Lady Raven lunged at the man with the sub machine pistol, plowing into his suited gut, and taking them both through the plate glass window on to the custom stone pad of the veranda.  Slick with rain and beginning to freeze over the two slid off the pad and into the bushes and mud that surrounded it. Immediately gun fire arose from the car outside the Brownstone and bullets riddled the bushes and grass.

“Witch.” The suited man, now stained with mud, pulled a revolver from under his coat since losing sight of his sub machine pistol in the fall.  The two pugilists lost site of one another upon impacting the cement pad however and the suited man’s shots went wild into the night.  Lightning ripped open the night sky again directly above them.  This time the thunder followed right behind it. The storm was getting closer by the second. 

The brownstone and the veranda lit up, all parties able to see one another in the soaking brownstone estate.  Lady Raven dove for cover.  The suited man fired twice more.  Two people from the sedan also fired twice more.  All activity then abruptly ceased when the lightning finally made contact with a huge elm tree in the yard.

The lightning split the elm into two separate flaming wooden missiles.  One bounced through the veranda, marking the stone pad with black sooty burning sap, and engulfing the parlor of the brownstone in an explosion of sparks and flames.  The other fiery missile landed on the long black sedan idling outside the yard shattering all the windows and crushing the roof in on itself.

Lady Raven found the suited man lying in the veranda dead from the explosion of the tree during the lightning strike.  Three jagged pieces of smoldering wood jettisoned from his neck and chest which bubbled with blood soaked sap as the dying man tried to regain his breath for the last time.  Quickly changing her focus to possible living adversaries she moved carefully toward the car.  Outside it one man lay over the hood of the car, half his body crushed by the burning tree that lay atop it.  Another man lay a few yards from the car, neither of them moving.

Lady Raven kicked the pistol free of the second man’s hands and surveyed the car. Touching the rear door of the sedan, she closed her eyes and took a deep icy breath before using her powers to fill the car with solid shadow.  She was much quicker after having expressed living shadow several times already this evening and was able to conjure up much denser shadows outdoors than she’d been able to do from inside the basement of the Brownstone.  In under a minute all the flames licking at the car were out. The charred half of a tree steamed, sizzled, and popped in the rain and chilling night air as its red hot embers were put out by the rain.

The End

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