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and held it there.  Lady Raven knew she could call it too her at any moment if she needed it again, which she was sure she wouldn’t.

Lady Raven moved up the stairs through the shadows and entered the parlor to finish her work.

“Did you get her?” Jensen knocked over several items on his desk as he stood up from behind it.

“Hoke?  Did you kill her?” Jensen shouted the question again.

Suddenly a dark large bird like shape launched from within the thick shadows which seemed to cling to it as it moved out of the stairwell and into the office.  Jensen screamed and fell back into his parlor desk chair.  He pulled out a drawer and rooted around inside it when Lady Raven landed atop his desk with a loud crack.  Appearing out of thin air her heavy boot heals forcing the drawer shut on Jensen’s wrist.  Lightning pierced the sky upon her impact on the desk which only illuminated Jensen.  Lady Raven remained cloaked in the thick black shadows even in the light of the lightning flash.

“I’ll kill you!” Jensen shrieked in pain, yanking at his wrist and pulling on the closed drawer.

“Can’t get your arm free Jensen?” Lady Raven spoke with a wickedly smooth voice that sounded like thick rich port.

“What are you?” Jensen howled yanking harder still with his other free hand.

“You called for more men?” She ignored his question in exchange for one of her own.

“Their coming. Even the boss himself is coming!” Jensen spat angrily.  “His goon squad will take care of you witch!” Jensen stood up to try and gain leverage, his wrist still trapped, and the storm clouds moved above with a rumbling of thunder off in the distance.

“Perfect.” Lady Raven chortled as she performed a spin kick to Jensen’s jaw that sent the man to the ground with a loud crack as his wrist shattering as it came free of the desk drawer followed by splintered oak and the brass drawer handle.

Back flipping off the parlor desk Lady Raven hovered midair for just a moment as the shadows were pulled to her like iron shaving to a magnet.  To the casual observer, as it was often reported in the papers, it looked as if she wore a cloak that was made of shadow itself.  She landed crouched, her shadow-cloak billowing out just above the floor.

Lightning ripped through the sky followed by thunder that was closer and louder than the previous blast.  Lady Raven used the light in her effort to survey the walls and the items that adorned it here in the gangster’s parlor.

Moving around the desk, careful not to step on Jensen, Lady Raven moved to the large mirror that backed the bar.  Feeling along its edges she found what she was looking for and pushed in gently.  With a click, the mirror popped out on one edge that had been loaded in place with springs.  Gripping it, she swung it off the wall like a door, knocking decanters and glasses to the floor in crashes as the mirror face opened all the way.

Behind the mirror was a medium sized cubbyhole had been built within the framing studs of the house.  Inside it were three shelves. On the middle shelve were stacks of hundred dollar bills bound together.  Lady Raven reached into the cubbyhole and grabbed all three stacks as she’d done at the three previous locations she’d raided this month.  Each time those staffed there called for reinforcements, which was exactly what she wanted each time.

“Ah Ah Ah.” Stated a man standing in the blackened hallway.  He pulled the slide back on the sub machine pistol he carried into the office from the open door.  The sounds of the storm consumed the parlor and filled the brownstone covering up the sounds of weapons fire.

The End

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