The End

Chapter Seventeen

I run to the shelter I had made the week that Will left,  grabbed some necessities. Then I run to the fields, leap on a horse and kick it into a fast trot.

‘Hey! Come back here! you can’t do that! That’s my horse! Come back here NOW’ I laugh at the farmer over my shoulder.
‘As If I’m going to do that! Yeeeha!’ With that, I dig my heels into the horses flanks, slap it’s back and canter towards London Square.

I leave the horse behind a building and push through the crowds with my bundle hanging from my belt.
Will is on the platform with the noose round his neck. The man opens the trap and Will drops. My heart screams. My little brother. Anger throws itself around my head filling up every space. I tear open the bundle and shoot the gun. Dad’s gun. I shoot it up into the air. It has the desired affect. Everybody runs. It is the perfect cover. I run up closer to the platform and release another shot. It damages the rope. I shoot again and it hits Will’s shoulder.
‘Damnit.’My hands are sweaty and shaking. I shoot again and the rope snaps. Will falls to the floor. By now people are everywhere. I run up to the platform, sling Will over my shoulder and run. I wait until everyone is gone. Except for a girl. She had been in the newspaper. Something clicks into place in my head. This was the Lady Olivia. I creep up to her, put Dad’s gun to her back. Then I whisper into her ear.
‘Keep away from Will. If I ever see you again, I will kill you.’
She runs.

Chapter Eighteen
Archie and Will

‘Will? Speak to me. Come on.’ He is gasping for breath at my feet.
‘Will? Please come on. Please.’


I open my eyes to see Archie. I am safe now.
‘Couldn’t you have come a bit earlier?!’


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The End

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