Chapters 15-16

Chapter Fifteen

Time passes way to quickly when you want it to go slowly. It is the 23rd of November already.
On my way to the hanging a thought springs into my head. I liked him. A robber. I liked a robber. When we arrive,  I try not to watch as he is led up to the platform. His eyes make contact with mine and stay there. I look away uncomfortably. This is my fault. He saved my life and was going to die for doing it. I hear the man open the trap, the rope snap taught and a cheer. I look back up. I feel that I have to. To say sorry with my eyes. He is staring at me with an unreadable emotion in his eyes. Fear? he is choking, struggling to breath. I cry out for them to free him, but no one hears me.
My thoughts are shattered like a mirror with the sound of a gunshot. I look up at the platform. I can’t see Will. Then the gun fires again. I scream and run round a corner behind a building. I almost run straight into s horse. What on earth is it doing here? I can hear my father calling for me, the gun firing. Everyone is leaving. When the square is empty I run up to the platform. Will is not there. I feel the barrel of a gun at my back. Someone whispers in my ear.
I run.

Chapter Sixteen

 I let myself be led up. Looking out at the audience I spot Lady Olivia. I hold her gaze and then she turns away. Coward.
‘Wherever you are Archie. I am sorry. I should have been more careful.’
The man lowers the noose round my neck, puts his hand of the leaver and pulls. My feet fall from beneath me and the rope becomes tight. I struggle for breath clawing at the rope. I stare at Lady Olivia and her eyes show an unreadable emotion. Pity?  My eyes close. I can still hear the sounds, but faraway now.  A shot cracks the air, a second damages the rope, I hear it twanging. A third hits my shoulder. A final shot snaps the rope. I drop to the floor unconscious.

The End

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