Chapters 13-14

Chapter Thirteen

‘Step away from the rich girl Will.’  Will. His name is Will.
‘Leave her alone.’ The boys voice. Will. He is standing between me and them.
 ‘Step away or I’ll kill you Will. I done it before, I can do it again.’
When I wake up, I am in bed. At home. My head is pounding and I can’t move my arm. A police man is standing over me.
‘Now. What happened my lady?’
‘There was a boy, is he alright?’
‘I beg your pardon?’
‘There was a boy named Will. Is he alright?’
‘There was a boy My Lady, but he is currently in prison My Lady. I do believe he attacked you My Lady.’
‘What? No you don’t understand-’
‘I found this on him my lady. I do believe it’s yours.’
He holds out my purse. I search in my bag confusedly and laugh. I didn’t even known that he had stolen that!
‘No. Well, I mean yes it is mine. But you see the boy tried to save me.’
‘Is everything alright?’
 ‘Yes your daughter has a bad headache though and has no idea what she is saying.’
‘What of the robber?’
‘He is due to be hung on the twenty third of November. That is as soon as we can do.’

Chapter Fourteen
Two months later

I have been getting worried. Will had jumped on the back of the carriage two months ago. How is he coping on his own? I have always been there to help him. It is getting cold too. I guess it is about November now. I saw the first snowflake yesterday. A man discards his newspaper and I see one of the pages and a picture of Will. He has a nasty wound on his shoulder and looks ill. I sit down heavily on the bench where he had been sitting and stare at the article. I struggle to read it and manage to pick out a few words and numbers. I have been teaching myself to read as it comes in handy for opening times  for shops and warnings.

This boy is due to be hung on the 23 of November. He robbed and even attacked Lady Olivia. The 7th richest woman in the country including the royal family and best friend to the Princess Elizabeth. It is also likely that she will be our next Queen as the Prince Gerard is besotted with her and intends to propose at the Princesses birthday.

‘Oh God Will. What have you got yourself into.’ Then another thing catches my eye.
The hanging shall take place at 3.30 pm in London square.

I smiled. They were fools to put that in the paper. I would be there.

The End

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