Chapters 11-12

Chapter Eleven

I arrive back at the carriage after my errands. After waiting for half an hour I decide to pick Olivia up. Halfway to the jewelers, I come across a block in the road. The market.
‘Have you seen a young woman in a blue silk dress?’
‘I have. She went back that way and through a back street.’
The back streets. Just then I hear someone scream my name. Olivia. I thank the man, leave the carriage and rush to the police station. They leave for the alleyway as soon as I mention the name Lady Olivia. For most people know that she is the seventh richest woman in the country including the royal family, best friend to the Princess Elizabeth and intended for Prince Gerard the heir to the thrown.

Chapter Twelve

‘You look just like him you know.’
All of a sudden I recognize the man. They had been fighting when my father died.

I dash forward at them.

Then all of a sudden a lot of things happen.

I kick one and he doubles over in pain. One of the others raises my knife, I reach to punch him.

We both freeze at the blow of a whistle. The police.
Suddenly the robber stabs me shoving me against the wall, laughs and ran.
I fall down next to Olivia. Her face is smooth and white but for a streak of blood on her right cheek. Then all goes dark

The End

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