Chapters 3-4

Chapter Three

   ‘Ah! There you are Olivia my dear. How are you this morning?
   ‘Very well thank you father.’
He takes my hands in his and smiles.
   ‘My dear, you must go into town to order that dress for the ball celebrating Princess Elizabeth’s birthday. I am told her brother shall dance.’
I snatch my hands away at the mention of Elizabeths brother.
My father has always wanted me to marry Prince Gerard, but I do not love him.

   ‘My lady. The blue carriage awaits you.’
   ‘Right. Where is Marya?’
   ‘My dear, it is her day off.’
   ‘Fine. I shall go alone.’
   ‘No father. I will be fine on my own.
And before he can say anymore, I leave the house.

The blue carriage is my favourite as it is driven by Matthew. A good, kind driver.

Chapter four

We slouch down against a wall and cut a lump of the bread Archie had stolen for lunch using the knife from the butchers. The clopping of hooves startle us and we melt back into the wall. The grocery cart men can get quite nasty after a few pints.
Then we see the horses.

Beautiful, brown and pulling not a cart, but a carriage. It is blue and has ornate gold edges. Whoever owns it is rich. A smile spreads across my face.
‘Easy there Tiger!’ Archie laughs.
 He nods to me and I jump onto the back of the carriage.
  Peeking through the small opening at the back, I see the owner of the carriage. A young woman. A beautiful young woman. But more importantly, a beautiful young woman clutching a purse.
   I reach through the gap and carefully undo her necklace. I then let it drop to the floor. As I had expected, she bends down to collect it letting go of her purse as she does so. I grab it, pull my arm back through and move away from the window. It was only now that I saw the policemen. I look around for Archie, to warn him, but the carriage has long since passed him. We should never have robbed that gentleman’s pocket watch last Tuesday. I was getting cocky. The thing my Archie told me never to do. I take it out of my shirt and throw it onto the pavement.


The End

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