Chapters 25-26

Chapter Twenty-Five

We turn a corner and arrive in the streets that we know. When we come to the street where Olivia was attacked by Trash, Oliver breaths in sharply.
‘At least we don’t have Olivia.’ I smile at Ollie. He reaches for my hand and I take his.
 ‘What was that?’
‘Rat. Stick together. Keep it down Ollie.’

 ‘Oh ho ho! Look who it is. Scratch get their gold.’ Trash is just at the other end of the street. We face each other and he grins at me.
‘Look. We ain’t got any gold. What do you want?’ I snarl at him.
‘I wan’t the girl. Give her to us and we’ll leave you alone.’ Trash smirks at us. Oliver squeezes my hand.
I stare at trash. It’s holding my knife from the butchers and it is level with my throat.
‘We ain’t got her.’ Archie growls through gritted teeth.
‘Where is she?' Trash glares and Ollie melts back into the wall holding his breath.
Suddenly Archie steps forward and punches Flea. Litter trips him over and we set off.
Scratch hits Archie, Dump crashes through a door into a shed. I shield Ollie behind me in a side alley.
‘Wait here.’ I command Oliver.
‘No! Will. Please come back. I...’
I run off ignoring Oliver’s cries. I kick Pocket-watch in the stomach and bite Litter on the shoulder.
As suddenly as they appeared, Trash’s gang seemed almost to disintegrate.

‘Come on Ollie. I’ve seen worse fights.’ I say rubbing my leg which took a hefty kick from Flea.
‘Sorry. It just reminds me of when...’
‘Well. We can’t hang around.’

Chapter Twenty-Six

‘Well. You didn’t get the girl did you Trash?!’ Dump snorts.
He flies across the street and his head hits the wall on the other side with a crack. Dead.
‘Anyone else want to ask me something?’ Trash yells. We all shake our heads.

‘How do you know that boy Trash?’ He always listens to me.
‘I shot his dad years and years back and I stabbed him not seven months ago.’
‘Cool. So we’re goin’ after them?’
‘I like you Scrap! Yes we are. They are our lead to Olivia. I will get my hands on that money if it kills me and anyone who gets in my way immediately wins themselves a one way ticket to Hell.’
I grin at him. ‘Trash. You’re the bloody best!.’
He smirks at me.
‘Well of course.‘  I scan the street and spot a sign. Damn.
‘Trash. You better take a look a this.’ He walks over to it and tries to make some sense of the letters. Then he roars. Looks like someone got there before us. Lady Olivia’s gone missing. Been gone about two months.
‘Damnit. It must be those boys. So? Let’s go get em.’  Trash grins at me, spins his gun and we set off.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

‘Will, Oliver! Lady Olivia’s gone missing.’  I stare at the sign on the wall. Will grinds his teeth and Oliver stares in the opposite direction.
‘Can we go get food?’ I smile at Ollie as he says this.
‘Yeah. Go get bread.’ Will grunts.  Ollie runs off.
‘He’s a funny kid.’
‘mmm’  Will is staring at the paper.
‘Look. Archie, I think The Rats have her.’ I spin round to face Will. Not believing what he just said.
‘No! Will you are not going to find out.’
‘Good afternoon! Hand over the girl.’ Damnit. Trash.
‘You better do as he says.’ A tall skinny girl glares at me. She has a a pair of handcuffs dangling from one wrist, torn clothes to big for her, a gun and dagger in her belt. Her blond hair has obviously been cut with a knife and her pale face is covered with mud. There is a nasty cut festering on her cheek and she has a limp. She’s one of Trash’s gang alright. But a girl? That’s rare.
‘This is Scrap.  She’s a hell of a girl with a heart of stone and an attitude problem.’ Trash smirks.

The End

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