The Beginning

Lady Olivia is the seventh richest lady in the country including the royal family and is intended to marry the Prince Gerard. William is a thief who fights for his life. But what would happen if you put them together?

Part One
Chapter One

‘Would you like me to open the curtains, my lady?’
   I wake to the sound of rain pattering on my turret roof like a family of mice having a ball.
   ‘Yes please Marya. And could you light the fire? There is quite a chill wind this morning.’
   ‘Yes, my Lady. Anything else?’
   ‘I think I will take breakfast in my room. Amelia can bring it up.’
   As soon as she is gone, I take up my embroidery. After pricking my fingers several times with my half closed eyes, I snuggle down among the soft covers, select Sense and Sensibility off my shelves and read until my hot porridge arrives.

Chapter Two

I am woken not by the driving rain, but by a creaking noise.
‘Watch out Will!’ Archie points up the tree.
 I look up bleary eyed. At first I see nothing, just a tangle of branches. Then I hear the creaking again, and that’s when I see the splintering ends of the branch. I roll out of the way just as the branch crashes on the soil where my brother and I had been sleeping seconds ago.
‘Well. We survived the night. Good. Now for some food. Come on Will.’
   We spot the butchers from a mile off and head straight for it. Archie saunters in and starts talking to the butcher. I sidle in looking at all the meat, pick up a wrapped sausage and a kitchen knife and stuff them down my shirt.
    ‘Oy. Either buy something or leave. Bloomin’ beggar.’ Scowling, I ignore the shop owner.
Archie steps out of the way and lowers his eyes as a Gentleman comes in holding his wallet. I bump into him and a few coins fall out.
   ‘Let me pick that up.’ Archie grabs a shilling and sixpence and shoves them in his pocket. Before returning the rest of the coins to the man. Then we run for it.

The End

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