Lady of the HouseMature

Lady Hector, a young and beautiful heiress. Inspector Jack Clarke, a handsome and lonely officer. A series of horrifying and gruesome murders. When thrown together, create a story to remember.

When I regained consciousness, I was covered in blood. Shakily, I got up from the ground, brushing the leaves and dirt from my night clothes, and in the process, smearing the blood even more over my clothes. A mangled corpse sat at my feet. I could hardly tell that it was human, but some instinct insisted it was. I panicked, and ran. After a while, my awareness faded again, wanting to escape the images, I allowed the blackness to swallow me. When I regained control of my thoughts, there was more than one corpse at my feet. In horror, I uttered an inarticulate sound and fled another time. Then the blackness claimed me again.

“Lady Hector, there is an Inspector Clarke to speak to you”

I was already aggravated due to my restless night, and disturbingly realistic dreams. I had the distinct feeling that this call would only serve to make my mood even worse. Ever the optimist, I hoped that I would be proved wrong.

  “Hello Inspector, what can I do for you? '

The End

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