Lady of Clubs: Part Two

I turn the heavy brass key in the lock on my door and tested the handle, making sure it was locked. It was. I pulled the large key from the door and set it in the special place carved on top of my dresser, made especially for the key.

I pulled my white housecoat with the club pattern starting at the waist tighter around my body an sit in a chair by the fireplace. My parents' zeal for their cause frightened me today. All of the suites want to take power from the Hearts, but none have ever put any plans into action for fear of what the Red Queen will do.

I reach up and grab the club-shaped brush off the mantle and pull the onyx and diamond pin holding my heavy curls back from my hair and shake it loose, then sit back down and gently run the brush through my hair.

After I'm done with my hair, I replace the brush and pull a small mirror down and look at my eye where my mother hit me today. A bruise has formed, making the club-shaped birthmark stand out even more against my pale skin. I sigh. I can cover it up with a small bit of the vanishing powder from the Wonderland apothecary, the same thing I use to hide my birthmark from the kingdom. If the Red Queen found out about my birthmark, she'd have me arrested by card soldiers and put me in an arena with a jabberwocky, then bet on how long I'd live. Anyone who bet over three minutes would lose.

I turn away from the mirror and replace it, then sit back down in my chair. The fire crackles softly, one of my favorite sounds. I tuck my legs closer to my body and drape my housecoat over them, then lean back and rest my head in the padded curve between sides of the club-shaped back. My eyelids slowly grow heavier and heavier as I watch the flames dance. The last thing I remember before falling asleep is faintly hearing a soft sound that could've been someone picking the lock on my door.

The End

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