Lady Mayhem

A random piece that sprung into mind during the waning hours of the morning. I like to be clear with my verbal, spoken words.

She's got cat eyes and reminds me of a pixie stick with her hair like that. She wears a lot of pencil skirts, looking like my old elementary's libarian with her high-strung attitude. She could be old enough to be your mother or young as your college-student daughter.

She's everything that's wrong with society. Or a by-product of it. Hard to tell. Could be a person all her own; no one could make her into anything she did not want.

Too prudish, too promiscuous. Shows a little less, sometimes a little more. Stop that, don't do that.

"Let me show you how it's done, sweetheart."


No translates into "try a little harder"; "yes"; "I'm playing hard to get"; "yes"; "ask a third time"; "yes". But no does not mean yes as cheese does not mean geese, as men do not mean mice, or as forgive does not mean forget.

Words have definitions and meanings. Learn, listen, understand. Be kind, be knowing, and go about your day.

No does not mean yes. We have no right to non-existant things.

The End

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