War is coming. This I know. The emperor, Zan Sarl and his numerous advisors are confident that his army will crush any force that comes their way. His generals say they can muster some eight thousand men from his capital and surrounding villages to help bolster the fifteen hundred regular soldiers. An optimistic count perhaps, but our intelligence seems to think differently. Scouts place their potential numbers between four and five thousand men. While our troops… number over twelve thousand.

This morning, my father and I met with the other officers in the camp to discuss potential battle plans. Currently we are a week’s march from the emperor’s stronghold, but we could accelerate our march to within five days were we to abandon the sick and injured and much of the equipment and provisions.

The officers however, agreed that this would not be in our best interest. For the emperor was known to ambush his enemies on the road. As well as his successful raiding and guerrilla fighting. All that could come of a hastened advance would be the exploitation of the rumoured weakness in the walls of the emperor’s fortress. A weakness that could not be exploited without the proper equipment.

As it is, we are prepared for a siege. And we would be unrivaled on the battlefield. The emperor’s only hope would be to submit, or to pray for reinforcements. Reinforcements which will never come.

My name is Dever Jimmun. I am of noble birth. I am the second son of His Excellency the Lord Dever Jazzen. My mother was his favourite concubine, whom he married. I was a colonel in my father’s army, but have recently been promoted to general.

The End

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