Lady in Red

Sometimes it takes losing what's most important in order to realize how valuable it was in the first place.

The room is dimly lit and silent. Outside the rain and wind wage a war amongst themselves, reflecting the thoughts and feelings of the only inhabitant of the room. Sitting on a piano bench facing a piano is a young woman in a red dress. Her head is bowed and shoulders are slightly hunched. Her long black hair falls around her face effectively covering her face. Her hands lie on the piano key and slightly tremble as tears that shimmer like diamonds seem to fall forever.

I can’t let this happen; this can’t be happening… thinks Harmonica, as pain and sadness threaten to overwhelm her. I am so alone, this is so wrong.

Why? Why us? Why him? We were so happy, there were so many things that we planed to do. This isn’t the time… this wasn’t his time.

Outside the storm rages on while hauntingly soft music fills the room.

The End

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