Death's Kiss

I stumbled towards her, my feet feeling like jelly. I reached out towards her hand that beckoned for me but as I got closer she backed up evading my grasp. She continued to dance but this time instead of whispering my name, she was laughing as if this was a game that she was finding very amusing. Manson’s words tormented me and I knew then at that moment exactly what he meant by “sweet dreams are made of these”. I continued to reach out towards her, half falling, half running, in the darkness. But no matter how close I got, I couldn’t even lay a finger on her. It was complete and total torment and I hated and loved her at the exact same time for making me feel this way. I was out of breath and sweat poured down my body. I collapsed onto my knees, finding it impossible to go on. “It isn’t real! None of this has to be real!” I screamed not sure if I actually made a sound. I looked up at her and found her no longer dancing but instead standing and staring at me, her face completely emotionless. She began to walk towards me and stopped within a foot of me. She held down her hand and I reached for it and was surprised to find it scorching to the touch. She helped me up and I stood standing face to face with Lady Death herself. She was perfection, not a single flaw on her face. Her lips painted black and blue specks floating across the green in her eyes. She reached towards my face and gently caressed my cheeks. Leaning in, her lips covered mine and my body combusted into flames. She tasted bitter, yet sweet. She dug her nails into my skin and I felt the blood slowly start to ooze from the wounds and my mind screamed for me to pull away but I couldn’t. The kiss deepened and she pulled my body closer to hers. She was agony and pain, yet at the same time beauty and desire. She taunted and teased you to the point of breaking and then pulled you in and made you her slave. She pulled away suddenly and I felt the breath being ripped from my lungs. She placed her hands onto my shoulders and pushed and at that moment I felt the ground beneath my feet disappear. I fell backwards, yet instead of hitting something hard I felt my back collide with the softness of my mattress. The final cords to the song ended and I found myself staring up at the ceiling of my room. Light was pouring through my window and casting shadows of trees across it. I pulled my headphones out of my ears and shot up out of my bed looking around the room. But it was empty, she was gone. I reached up towards my cheeks and traced the outline of the fingernail marks she had left.

The End

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