Her voice

Somewhere lost amongst all the different sounds pouring out through the song, I heard a voice. My heart skipped a beat as I realized that it wasn’t Manson’s, but instead appeared to be a woman’s. I listened carefully, sure that I had to have imagined it. But she was there. Her voice soft and low and goose bumps appeared across my skin as I realized that she was calling my name. My eyes shot open and I found myself surrounded in nothing but darkness and standing up. My room and bed had completely disappeared. The intro to “Sweet Dreams Are Made of These” began to play again and a bright flash, as if lightning, shot across the room. For a second I saw something through the darkness. It appeared to be a person and at that moment I heard the woman call my name again. The lightning shot again and I saw that it was a woman and she was coming closer to me. I watched her lips move in tune with the voice that called my name, my heart skipped a beat. I knew at that moment that I had to be dead because before me stood an angel. She was clad in a long loose fitting dress that dragged on the floor. Dark black curly hair hung all the way down her back and her skin was the color of ivory. I had never seen anything so beautiful yet so deadly in my entire life. Her eyes glowed green as she seemed to peer into my soul. The lightning continued to flash across the room and she raised her hand towards me. Her nails were painted the color of blood red. I watched mesmerized as she began to dance seductively, her hand still held towards me as if beckoning me to come. Her body rocked in perfect beat with the song and my head began to spin as I felt the heat take over my body. She continued to whisper my name in a way that made my blood race. I had felt the painful urge of desire and want before, but nothing like this. I felt like I would explode if I couldn’t have her.

The End

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