A hundred thousand different reason raced through my head. I could have thrown each and every one at my father, but I did not. For that I had too much respect. To tell the truth, at Waverly Manor it was mostly me, Arielle Norman, who ruled the roost. When I was not off with my father, traipsing all over the globe, I was throwing parties and balls and hanging out with my friends.

‘’Father, must I?’’ I could not help whining a little, ‘’what if they are all stuck up people, who only think of how important they are and how high they are ranked in the society?’’

‘’Now Elle, I will not be persuaded in any other direction. You are to spend eight months at Sir and Lady Beaumont’s and that is final,’’ my father was not to be argued with.

‘’Very well, then. But as you said, father, eight months… to be sure, and not a day more,’’ I gave in. Last night he had suddenly thrown the news at me I would be staying with some friends of his in London. I had wondered why on earth he would send me to the UK. It was the total opposite of warm and sunny California. I was really going to miss it here. The reason why my father was sending me off? I was supposed to become a real lady. As if that’s ever going to happen! I just wasn’t one for sitting around drinking tea with my pinkie held high. But someone at my last ball, he would not tell me who, had suggested sending me to Sir and Lady Beaumont so I’d learn how to get higher in the society, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

‘’It won’t be so bad, Ellie,’’ my father reassured me. I gave him a small smile and headed upstairs to my rooms to pack. Yes. You heard me right. I said rooms. I was the daughter of a world-famous CEO after all. My father was rich. Filthy rich, you could say. My rooms consisted of my bedroom, a sitting room, a bathroom and my walk-in closet. My sitting room was for if I wanted to be alone and read books, or if I had friends over to entertain.

I walked into my room and closed the door behind me. I never thought I’d leave the carefree and happy life I led here. I was not looking forward to going to the UK. Wasn’t it supposed to rain all the time, there?

A knock sounded on my door just as I was about to start looking at my clothes and decide what I’d leave behind. ‘’Come in,’’ I called, opening my closet door. I looked back to see Janessa, my best friend, stick her head round the corner.

‘’Hey Ari,’’ she greeted, softly closing the door behind her and walking over to me, ‘’are you alright?’’ She looked concerned.

‘’I’m fine,’’ I answered. I was fine. I just wasn’t very happy about what was going to happen. ‘’Your father told me the news. I’m going to miss you so much, Ari,’’ she said, her eyes starting to water. Oh dear, here come the waterworks. I’m not very comfortable around crying people. I just feel so awkward.

‘’Hey, we can still email! And text! And skype! And phone!’’ I cried enthusiastically, trying to cheer her up. She looked up and laughed, ‘’You really cannot stand crying people, can you?’’

I shook my head and entered my closet, ‘’Nope,’’

‘’Well, I’m here to help you pack,’’ she said, resolutely. I turned, grinning at her, ‘’Thanks. I don’t know how I’d do it on my own,’’

‘’Yeah, yeah. You can thank me later,’’ and with that we entered my closet and started packing.

Two hours later everything was packed. We had a lot of fun sitting on the cases till they closed. As I looked around me, I was satisfied. We had done a good job. We had managed to fit everything in only ten large cases. What? Don’t judge! I like clothes, okay? I had put on a pair of comfy grey skinny jeans, a white- and- grey checked blouse and a leather black jacket. My feet were covered by a pair of black and grey sneakers.

‘’Let me do your hair! Let me do your hair!’’ Janessa was chanting, jumping up and down like a little kid. I frowned, annoyed, but I knew she wouldn’t stop until I let her.

‘’Fine,’’ I sighed and sat down, prepared to be dolled up.

Janessa grinned like a Cheshire cat and began taking everything out of my drawer for hair stuff. Half an hour later I was wearing my hair in a beautiful waterfall braid, with a thin black hairband. Janessa had even put a few pearls in my braid. I looked very pretty. I grinned at her.

‘’That doesn’t even look so bad, but don’t you think that it’s a bit too sweet for my leather jacket outfit?’’ I asked. Janessa smiled superiorly, ‘’ No. Sweet combined with tough goes very well,’’ she answered.

‘’Alright. I trust you upon your word,’’ I said, smiling.


The next two hours went so fast I can’t even remember them properly. Before I knew it I was standing in the big airport, about to enter security. I turned to my father and Miss Fairmont, tears were in my eyes, even though I didn’t like crying.

‘’I’m going to miss you guys,’’ I croaked, my voice a bit hoarse. My father stepped forward and engulfed me in a big hug.

‘’I’m going to miss you too, Ellie. But I’ll come visit sometime and I’ll send you cards from all over Europe, alright?’’ my father comforted me, holding me close. I took a deep breath, pulled back and wiped the tears from my eyes. Enough with the crying, I was a tough girl.

‘’Yeah. Have fun dad. Bye Miss Fairmont,’’ I hugged Miss Fairmont, who was out housekeeper and gathered my hand luggage.

With one final wave I walked through security, found my way to the gate and soon I was sitting in the comfy cabin of the First-Class flight.


I was on my way to London. To a new begin.

The End

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