Arielle Norman: Straightforward. Fun-loving. Friendly.
James Beaumont: Cold. Mysterious. Silent.
Total opposites.
What happens when they're forced to live together?

17- year-old Arielle Norman is perfectly content travelling all over the globe with her father, Sir Edward Norman. But when her father decides it is time for her to grow up to be a stately lady and take her position in the society, she gets sent off to London. The family she is to live with are very good friends of her father’s. When Arielle arrives there, something is off. It’s as if the family is hiding something from her… but all shall be revealed on the night of the silver moon. Is Arielle what she thinks she is? Or could she possibly have more power in her than everyone thought possible? Follow Arielle’s journey as she creates an uproar with every sentence, makes trouble when it is not meant, and deals with the difficulty of finding a place in the confusing system we call society.

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 All rights reserved © Tessa Albrough TM

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The End

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