Lad Mag in the Lavs

His life needed a bit of colour, that's all.
But when he put a Lad mag in the Lavs he had stepped too far...way too far, could he return? or was he too far passed the line?
Find out in this gripping read.

No one was looking so i sliped in, no one was in there so i did was i was to do.

I was wearing a suit at the time, black pants a buttoned up blazer, white shirt, black shoes, socks and tie.

But, I wanted revenge so i put my bag down on the windowsil and opened it, inside was a copy the Lad Mag The Daily Wank, i pulled out my leather golves and put my hands in, then i placed the The Daily Wank on the windowsil, i heard people coming so i got my bag and went into one of the cubicals, i closed the door slowly and locked it, my bag was still open i could hear them to the left of me.

Girl 1: Oh what's this...The Daily Wank?

One of them gasped

Girl 2: Oh my God, oh my God!

Girl 1: Hey i got an idea.

Then i heard them go in to one of the cubicals.

For the next five minutes all i could hear was them moaning and screaming, and all i could do was just mastubate to it all.

They were probly engaging in mutral mastubation or something.

As they walked passed me, they were messing around, yeah one of the girl's went fly into my cubical while the other just look at me if to say "you fucking pervet" yep she now knew who put the Lad Mag in the Lavs, but she did not scream she smiled and walked into the cubical slowly closing the door behind her and the locking it.11

I was nervous i already had one orgasim, but could i have another?

One of the girls got on top of me and kissed me while the other was geting it on with a blowjob while looking at the magazine wich was placed on the floor, after that i was forced to cross-dress, i did not mind i found the whole experince...kinky, and i enjoyed cross-dressing, huh, me in a school girl uniform and the other girl in a suit, yeah it was all good fun.

Then we switched back, she had a spare uniform and put it in my bag, they both sead good-bye and told me to be hear tomorrow then they both kissed me one more time, i let them keep the magazine.

Then i walked out of the lavs and went into the gents for a piss, after that i did my last leason of history and went home.

I can't wait until tomorrow.

The End

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