Lachrymose Lacrimosa

It's said that Mozart himself wrote his own funeral mass, the Requiem Mass, and within it, Lacrimosa. Not many think of what is played at a Mafia boss's funeral, but one girl reflects.
(TYL! Tsuna-x-Original Character)


Author's Note: This is just a one-chapter piece. I'm mostly just trying to work on writing emotions by using a subject I already know. The point of it isn't for you to understand why everything happened, just to feel what's going on. I hope that helps.

Lacrimosa dies illa

Qua resurget ex favilla

Judicandus homo reus.

Hulc ergo parce, Deus:

Pie Jesu Domine,

Dona eis requiem. Amen.            


                It’s said that Mozart himself wrote his own funeral mass, the Requiem Mass, and within it, the Lacrimosa.

                I know as I sit here in this chair, that barely anyone understands the Latin that is being sung. I can’t help but try and distract myself from the words of the chorus with the faces around me.

                Silver hair, with red-rimmed, aqua eyes, the man next to me holds in his tears. He is looking down, staring straight through the lyrics held in his hand. Gokudera has still yet to glance at the black coffin on the stand, surrounded by flowers.

                The single, sweet violin plays along with the singers, the player well known to the deceased. Erika stays solemn as her bow glides across the strings of her instrument.

                The room is filled with family faces, I know, but I can’t turn around to look.

                Gokudera and I are at the front of the room, closest to that bleak casket, void of all happiness, the only emotion I can recall of the deceased.

                My eyes don’t tear up. I have not shed a single tear today. I only cried on the day the deceased was killed.

                The deceased was killed. He was killed.

                A calm funeral like this should only be for those that die of natural circumstances. The men in the room should be taking action for revenge, not weeping with misery.

                But, the deceased’s mother asked for a proper funeral, so the family gave her one. The family… the famiglia.

                I smile at the irony. Why is it so hard to keep promises? He promised to come home safe. But he winds up getting shot at that “meeting” with the enemy family’s boss.

                I wonder if he knew that was going to be the outcome. A single tear escapes.

                I might as well cry. Lacrimosa means Lachrymose. Lachrymose is weeping, sobbing, crying. Something I and the deceased’s right hand man are not doing.

                I listen and I can hear his mother weeping.

                It’s pathetic, I suddenly think back to my grandfather’s funeral. My grandmother was in an uncontrollable sobbing state, my father was as well.

                As close as I was to the deceased, shouldn’t I be in the same condition his mother is?

                I laugh and then break. The silver haired man beside me looks down at my form, and I can see the overwhelming pity in his eyes.

                The deceased… He was so loved; all the people in the room are crying, with only a few exceptions, those that are too strong and guarded are so somber.

                The pallbearers rise and take hold of their sides of the coffin, waiting for me to lead the way.

                They’re waiting for the wife of the deceased to lead the way. I lead to a calm place in a wooded area.

                Erika’s violin is still ringing in my head as the men set the casket down and say their goodbyes.

                I simply fall to my knees in front of the coffin, resting my hand on the large, silver X on the top.

                “I love you… and I miss you, Tsuna.” Gokudera offers me his hand to get back up.

                He was the boss of the Vongola famiglia, killed by Byakuran, the head of the Millefiore. We realize now, we will do whatever it takes to avenge his death.

The End

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