Lach en Annûn

Just something to pass the time.

His tiny blue eyes blinked has he watched me. How could such a delicate thing lay in such destruction? The child lay still, dressed in his dirty rags, in the ruins of his home. We were supposed to defend it. I was supposed to defend it. But we were too late, and now all that was left of the city of Riend was ash.

I lifted the boy gently, as if he were of my own blood. He sqeaked, clearly too young to speak. Holding him close to my chest I prayed for his safety. I prayed that he would grow to be strong and loved.

Flinching, my eyes flickered open. I felt it then. His tiny fingers on my chest, next to my heart. It was then that I realised it was my love he needed.

*    *    *    *

"Suiadan!" I called. "Pay attention." His pacience was getting lesser by the day. He was forever gazing into the hills behond our woods. Trying to train him was harder than getting a rock to move of it's own accord. It was clear to all that he wasn't of elven blood, for his archery skills were less than poor. His sword work was better, but he'd lose interest and injure himself. We'd swapped blades for wooden swords, and his knuckles were more bruised than ever. "Watch the enemy."

Suiadan signed as he walked to my side. As expected, he was shorter and had a stronger build than I did. He was small for a man, but he was still young. "What is wrong?"

"Aníron gwanna." He muttered in my native tongue. "I wish I could roam the valleys that I see on the horizon."

"One day you will, my son. One day you will."


The End

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