Chapter 8.2

 I walked with Alex down the dark hall. I hated the dark, anything can jump out at you from the dark.

“Lumen” I chanted, arm outstreched. A small ball of light appeared in my hand. It was basically just a ball of condensed gasses from the atmosphere, condensed to form a small yet practical star.

Doors lined the halls, going in every direction imaginable. Nobody had time to open up every single door to see which one of the countless brass knobs could have held the way forward.

I held onto Alex's arm, I felt as if there was someone watching us, but I couldn't see... and honestly didn't want to see, who. The hairs on the back of my neck started to stand on end.

We walked further down the hall, at the end of the hall was a tall set of double doors. But these doors were odd, they radiated with a form of red aura.

“What is this?” I asked Alex, reaching for the doorknob. The aura grasped my hand and started pulling me into the door

“Lucy!” cried Alex, grabbing my arm. But the door was too powerful, it wouldn't let me go.

“A-Alex... what is happening!?” I stammered, petrified as the rest of my body started to be absorbed into the door. The darkness pierced me as my head fell in. I could feel Alex tugging at my arm, which was reaching out for help, but suddenly, a shock rang out, as if he was repelled by the door, and my hand faded.

It was dark, and I was alone. I hate the dark, but I could barely move. I took a step forward but instantly regretted it. A platform appeared under my feet. It seemed elegant, almost Victorian.

I looked around, but then I heard it. The sound of a vicious creature. I looked up, and saw it tower above me, it was as if God himself turned evil. It's body radiated darkness, and it's eyes glowed red like ruby's in the sunlight.

I tried to take a step back, but a force prevented me. I had no choice but to fight this beast. I transfigured by staff in front of me.

“P-per virtutem a-alchemia!” I studdered. A transmutation circle flickered in and out of existance. I had to concentrate, I had to calm down. My body shivered in fear, gripping my staff tightly, as I tried to become calm.

“Magicae radio!!” I cried out. The tip of my staff charged and shot out towards the darkness, hitting it. But it didn't seem to have any effect.

The beast looked at me, I couldn't tell if it was enraged or not, but one thing was certain, it was headed straight towards me.

Fear locked me into position as my legs bucked. I lifted my staff in front of me as the beings huge fist flew towards my face. I need help, any help at all. Then I heard it...

“Cegomf I, Lucus, viemfeq od sge mihgs...”

What was that noise. I still could not bring myself to open my eyes.

“...Visg sge noveq od hoof I koip sge dihgs

I nqay so sge hoft so hqaps le noveq

To I bap tlise sge faqjepef ceats sgas soveqt!”

I felt a force nearly blast me off my feet. My eyes shot open, and before me was someone new. A cat-man. Around my age, wearing what looked like a monks robe, and holding in his hand a set of prayer beads.

The being retracted from him in fear. All around him glowed a fierce light. A force field radiating off him, like a rendition of the gods at their best. He looked at me with stunningly bright blue eyes.

“Are you ok?” he asked with a kind smile.

“Y-yeah” I responded “Who are you?”

“I go by, Lucus.” He said, then he turned back around.

“Wait!” I yelled “Why are you helping me?”

“Why not?” was the last thing he said before he chanted the second part of his spell.

“Cehope loptseq, neqnesqasoq od tgafovt

Tgef faqjpett po loqe, resuqp pos dqol sge hammovt!”

the light intensified. It burned with a brightness greater than the stars. Never before did I feel a light as warm, yet as powerful as this. It broke through the night and illuminated the being with beams of perfection.

It was as if this was nothing new to the monk. The large giant corroded as I saw, allergic to the light it simply degraded.

It seemed to go on forever, but as suddenly as it started, it stopped. And I felt myself being shoved backwards by an unknown force.


The next thing I felt was floor. Cold, unforgiving castle floor.

“Lucy!” I heard a yell “Are you ok?” It was Alex, lifting me off of the ground and embracing me in a protecting hug. Probably too tight a hug

“Oof... I'm fine” I smiled and returned the hug.

“Who is he?” I heard Alex ask, gesturing to the figure walking away from us

“That is Lucus, a monk. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have made it.” I responded.

We turned towards the door, which was down burned off it's hinges.

“Want to carry on?” Asked Alex

“You bet!” I said, ready to push forward.

The End

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