Chapter 8.1

 My feet materialized below me as I was warped in this world. Then my legs, then the rest.

Alex was materializing beside me. I looked around at the the large city around me, bustling with other characters. I usually tried to run from this place as soon as possible, mainly because of the merchants repeatedly selling gold for cash. So repetitive and annoying.

I grabbed Alex's hand as he materialized and walked swiftly off towards the edge of town, away from the annoying merchants.

“Are you ok?” He laughed

“Yeah, I just hate those merchants” I responded

“Me too, moderators should do something about them”

“Pfft, like there are any moderators in the free version”

We started walking around town, past the stores and random groups of people selling mithril armor.

“Wern't we supposed to be meeting up with those two around here?”

“Somewhere... maybe they decided to take a detour- Oh! There they are!”

“Heeeey!” called out a Naiade girl, walking towards us. Right beside her was a Catman, covered head to toe in clothes. Those were Charm and Jon. Charm was an archer, and Jon was a dual-wielding rogue.

“The gang's all here” said Alex

“About time!” I called out to Charm

“Sorry >< We lost track of time!” she responded



“Anyways, let's get started” I said “We're going to the Dragon's layer, right?”

“Yup” Said Jon “Everyone ready?”



“Yep ^^”

“The let's go” He said, raising a teleport crystal above his head, blasting us off into the castle.


I looked around. The Dragon's Layer was a castle. The ceiling of the castle entrance rose as far up as can be seen, fading into eternal darkness.

“I hope I don't have to climb too many stairs here” I said

“Probably a ton, besides, it's good exercise” Jon said.

“But I'm an alchemist... I should just be able to teleport to the next floor”

“Sorry, that isn't how the game works” said Alex, patting me on the head.

“I know T^T”

I screeching came from down the hall to the right. This place was definitely infested with monsters. They burst from the darkness and stormed towards us. I summoned a barrier which prevented them from proceeding.

Charm then retracted her bow, and shot an arrow right between the eyes of a fairly ugly beastie. Jon jumped up and using his two daggers, sliced several of them at once, sending them bursting into smoke.

Alex kicked one of the monsters with such force that is flew back into the darkness, before materializing his sword and slicing it right across the chest.

The battle probably only took a total of a few minutes, pretty week enemies. Jon scooped down and picked up the gold left by the monsters

“Why do monsters have gold?” He asked

“.... good question” said Charm

There were two different paths to take. One going left, and one going right. We would have to go both ways to make it to the next floor.

“Hey, I have an idea, why won't we split up” suggested Alex “You and Charm go left, and me and Lucy will go this way.”

“I'm cool with that” said Jon

The End

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