Chapter 7

I placed the controller down and laid my head on his shoulder. His warmth feeling like a beckoning call of warmth and comfort. 

"Hey you" he said comfortingly, stroking my hair. We made our way to the bed, where repositioned myself, head resting on his chest. 

I smiled. I never wanted these moments to end. I could just stay here forever, softly petting his arm he had wrapped around me as my mind drew into a stupor. Sleep drawing me in as I laid there.

This is the place where I felt most comfortable. Most relaxed. 

"You sleepy?" he asked, a small smile appearing on his face.

I smiled and nodded feebly

"Get some rest" he said, still stroking my hair

"Daisuki dayo" I say as I start nodding off

"Disuki da ne" he responds

It still always took me awhile to fall asleep, but it wouldn't matter because I already feel as if I am dreaming. Nodding off and on, I smile. I hold his hand as I drift off into the abyss of slumber. 

Happy that tomorrow is yet another day I can spend with the one I love.

The End

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