Chapter 6

“Down there?” I asked, looking at him with concern.

“Yup” he replied, “That's where the ad said to go, this is the only place that holds the root we need”

We stood in front of a giant cove. Probably filled with bats and monsters and all sorts of things I really didn't want to think about. But as adventurers, we had to make a living somehow, and taking up odd jobs was one of them.

I stood close to him as we started walking through the dark cave. Why did it have to be a cave? I would have been just fine searching for such materials in a brightly lit hotel room.

It was a very long cave. Each step felt like you were going to slip on the slimy cave floor, or else stub a toe on a stalagmite.

We were very deep in the cave by now. It feels like we have been walking for miles.

“There, a light!” I said, pointing towards it towards it

When we got to it, there was a pedestal in the middle that held a medicinal herb.

I picked it up and placed it safely in a sack on my side.

“There, we got what we need, can we please leave this pla-”

At that moment, growls and shrieks could be heard from all around the cave, and glowing eyes shined from every corner. We were surrounded by monsters.

I backed into the center of the light that shone from the ceiling.

We backed into each other. He looked at me and smirked.

“Hey Lucy, want to get rid of all of these monsters in one go?”

“Sure, Alex” I said, smirking back

I twirled my staff through the air and sent it slamming onto the ground

“Per virtutem alchemia” I called. “Frigidus!” the stone floor of the cave crackled with fractals of ice, protruding from where I stood, outward.

Alex jumped up and grabbed a stalactite

It slowly crawled it's way across the floor, creeping up the body of everyone who stood on the ground.

All of the monsters froze solid within minutes.

I released my spell, and all of the ice and the monsters shattered to pieces. And Alex dropped from the stalactite onto the ground.

“Do you think we got all of them?” I asked

“Apparently not” said Alex, pointing to a more sinister pair of eyes in the darkness.

“I will not allow you to leave, that herb is sacred around here, stealing it holds deadly consequences” said a the eyes. They stepped into the slight, reveling a monstrous humanoid form. He looked like a praying mantis fused with a human. So nasty.

“Than I guess we'll have to defeat you too” said Alex, grinning. “Henshin!” He yelled out, making a hand motion. Suddenly, he was clad in full armor.

They both ran at each other and the rest was just a blur to me. I really couldn't see what was happening between them. The bug guy seemed to be completely avoiding his attacks.

The bug guy smashed Alex with a blow and sent him flying into the wall

“Alex!” I cried out, watching him fly into the wall on the opposite side of the cave.

I ran towards him

“Are you OK?” I asked

“He's too fast” he responded. He was right, this guy was extremely agile, how were we going to...

“I have an idea!” I said suddenly “Can you distract him while I load up my spell?”

“I can buy you some time” said Alex, getting to his feet and running towards the bug guy.

“Per virtutem alchemia!” I called. A large transmutation circle appeared under my feet.

I charged up my magical abilities, while he distracted the enemies. The longer I could hold the transmutation circle, the stronger the spell would be, up to a certain limit.

He just had to hold out for a little longer.... a little... longer...

“LAQUEUM!” I cried out

A transmutation circle appeared under the bug guy's feet, he tried to move but it was too late. Blades of light appeared and entangled him about 10 feet in the air

“Alex now!”

“On it!” he ran towards the bug guy, a sword materializing in his hands. “Deal with these consequences!” He yelled, sending the blade slicing right through the bug guy, who shattered into pieces.

He landed next to me, both of us gasping for breath

“That was fun” He said, chuckling

“Lots” I said, still catching my breath

“Let's get that root back and claim out reward”


The End

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