Chapter 5

Airpe Conversation

Charmywarmy: Boo 11:47PM

Lucyraccoon: Ahh 11:47PM

Charmywarmy: Whacha doin? 11:48PM

Lucyraccoon: Nothing much, just playing a game 11:49PM

Charmywarmy: Ooh, can I watch? 11:49PM

Lucyraccoon: Sure, hold on a second 11:50PM
-Call from Charmywarmy 11:52PM

“Hey” I said through my headset, setting my Airpe to Share Screens

“Hi hi” Charm said in one of her Minnie Mouse high pitched voices. Charm was my friend from Canada. She can be very talkative at times.

I started to play Draculis Story: City Depths, showing the screen as I did so. It was a very fun hack and slash platformer that I have been playing for the past few days. There are many ways in which you can play it, and the number of characters you can play it with.

We usually didn't talk much on our calls, unless we were commenting on each others gameplay. We loved to taunt one another, saying things like “hah, You suck” when we lost, or “you're gonna die!” if one of us was being chased by a monster.

She liked to watch me play videogames. And I didn't mind at times watching her play either. We usually just played 1 player games and watched each other play.

She was even on call with me that one time when I nearly ragequit on Tomb Explorer's T-rex part. I curse a lot when playing games too. Hey, a Gamer that doesn't curse like a sailor is not playing the right games!

Charm is not much of a Gamer, she plays games, but she is a newb. Although she has been around games, she hasn't be able to play them until recently. But she is starting to rage and curse like a Gamer, so she's definitely getting there.

I slashed an enemy to bits with my lack of precision-based hacking maneuvers. The adrenaline rush increased tenfold if the enemy was more difficult.

I heard scuffling at the door. I knew that Alex was just coming home from work. Telling Charm a quick BRB, I rushed to the door so I could hug him as he walked in.

“Welcome home” I said, giving him a kiss

“Hey you” he said, petting my head “What have you been up to?”

“Just talking to Charm, want to say hi?” I asked


I plugged in the microphone and speakers and the conversation began.

I hugged Alex from behind as the chat started. Not much was said, as I said, we are not all too talkative. We can be, but we weren’t.

The chat didn't last too long, just a couple of minutes. Charm had a call from her boyfriend, and had to go. So we hung up.

Alex got up and put the headphones down.

He caressed me, slowly we fell onto the bed. He was on top of me, causing me to blush. My hands caressed the back of his back, pulling us together for a kiss.

The next few hours were spent planting daisies. Very nice daisies. 

The End

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