Chapter 4

 We drive into the parking lot of the used games store. Hey, just because you're a starving artist doesn't mean you can't afford games.

Walking in, looking at the numerous titles lining the walls in their green and gray plastic cases. The clerk at the counter refers to us by name, we come here often.

We look around, trying to see what games we could find for the systems we actually have. We may be gamers, but we never leap for brand new consoles the moment they come out. I did however have a VS3, which I bought with those student loans that are going to bite me in the ass later.

We both loved action/adventure games. Games like Velda, MansionVania, DemonMayBleed, and MegaBoy. They had the best worlds to explore and a wonderful hack-and-slash atmosphere. I personally adore games where I can walk around, explore, and hack and slash enemies without the constraints of a turn-based battle system.

We like to come here every week and see if there are any new games we could be interested in, or if there are any rare games to be found. We had to choose what was on stock though, because none of the game stores near us ever stocked anything in the form of a cartridge anymore, so we had to deal with pre-owned discs... which worked well once we burned them to our computers to play and sold the CD online when we were done (Yeah, so hardcore criminality).

Choosing a few games we up to the counter.

“Will this be all for you two today?” asked the clerk

“Yep” Alex said with a smile as he handed the clerk his card.

One bag and receipt later and we drove home. It's always exciting to get new games, but it's so annoying to find our which one to play first. We usually don't get into fights over who plays what, and how who plays what and when. Usually any struggle to get to the system first results in more planted daisies, then compromise.

Today I just sat back and watched him play Tomb Explorer Anniversary, and laughing my head off when he couldn't get past the T-rex for awhile. Ah, the empathy.

Afterwords I played a little as well. This day was turning out very well, too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow.

The End

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