Chapter 3.2

 Becoming a writer is hard work. Especially in this day and age. Everyone can write, and more and more people are trying to make a living off of it.

Many people rarely write, yet make wonderful works. Others write their entire lives and only make a ton of mediocre works.

How does one truly become a writer? Many fantastic writers are never seen, while many crappy writers are fluent. You write, and write, until something fits, and people decide that your works are OK for proper consumption.

Usually, for the writer, you need to find recognition. That is a lot harder to do nowadays. Especially n the field of writing. Many people hate reading, and many more simply don't. In that way I feel it is slightly easier for an artist due to the visual construct vs the written one.

One also needs to write well, write often, and market their work. Either selling their writings outright, or else selling it via advertisements.

I walk away from the computer, staring heavily at the wall in deep thought. Sometimes, I feel depressed. I feel like my writings, in severe competition with numerous other people's writings, simply will not make it. Will not allow me to make it through life as a full-fledged writer.

I am not going to give up though. One should not toss away their dream due to competition. You fight for it, that shows how much your dream truly means to you.  

The End

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