Chapter 2

I arrived home from work, exhausted. One get's tired of bullcrap after awhile, but it's not as if I had much else of a choice. I am a writer, my royalties have only supplemented, and it's such a small amount too.

I kicked off my shoes, and changed my clothes. Changing into a soft pair of shorts and a long loose T-shirt. Yeah, I'm not much of a girly girl. Sitting down in front of my computer I waited for it to load. My computer wasn't slow, but you get annoyed that in this day and age, everything isn't instant.

The computer booted up, and I immediately checked to see if I had any new messages. Nothing on LOA, just a few new postings on AtypicalArt, and a couple messages I responded to on Tumblook.

Getting bored, I decided to load up Vapor and play some games. Tomb Explorer was the game I have been interested in lately. It got much better once I killed that fricken T-rex!!!

I played for a couple of hours until Alex got home. Usually at this time, we would... ummm... plant daisies.

Then we would either talk about our day, play games together, or get started on our individual hobbies.

Alex is an artist, and is great at comic creation and animation. I stalk his art almost as much as I stalked him before we moved in together.... what? He didn't mind.

“How was your day at work?” I asked him, hugging his arm as we laid on the bed.

“It was ok, a little tiring though” he said, he was never very descriptive. “Anata wa?”

Anata wa means 'and you?' in Japanese, a language we were both learning together. He knows a ton more than I do.

“I didn't rip off any heads today, so I am ok” I said. I leaned over and kissed him “Hey, do you want to play some Mansion Mashers?”

“Sure,” he said with a smile, kissing me back.

We got up and walked to our computers. They were close enough for bonding, but far enough away to maintain privacy. Also, I never liked people looking over my shoulder as I wrote. It made me waaay too self conscious.

I picked up my controller and he invited me to play. This was always one of the best forms of bonding. Commenting as we hacked and slashed at the multitude of enemies and boss battles. Co-op games were the best, you get to play with people without fear of breaking up with them because they whooped your ass 20 times in a row in SSB.

I loved this time with him, but alas, it could not last forever. Both of us had work to be done. He as an aspiring artist, and me as an aspiring writer.

Both of us were usually quiet as we worked, as to not disturb each other.

We worked for hours. I typed away on my computer, and wrote in a notebook. I had various topics that I wrote about, from science to fantasy. Fictional and nonfictional works. So while I didn't have much of a fanbase to cater to (outside of the occasional question on my science blog or comment on my review blog) I still had a ton of work that needed to be done.

Most of my works were self-published, but they still brought in a few bucks of royalties a month. And although that was not a ton, it will only grow the more I write.

Alex did similar, he worked commissions. But he also did a lot of probono work. But altogether he earns more than I do. Sometimes I like to just watch as he draws. His art is definitely his passion.

I am almost done with my next book that I am going to publish, known as Lilian Tymes. A story of a brutally raped homeless woman who learns how to making a living through selling things while dealing with tragedy.

Every book, every page, every word helps me get one more word closer to achieving my goal of being a full time writer. It was my dream. The same with Alex, who wants to be a full time artist. Together, we'll definitely achieve that dream. I know it.

The End

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