Chapter 1

This is a semi-fictional work I am creating involving me and my boyfriend. All of this is hypothetical, but based on facts.

The alarm went off in the morning, signalizing the start of a brand, new, fricken day! Why did it have to start at 8 AM? Why couldn't it start at some meaningful time? Like 2 in the afternoon?

I used the bathroom and put on my work attire, which I scarcely washed. Mainly because I wore all black, and it's easy to hide stains on black. But also because the store I worked at was filthy anyways, so who really cared?

I sluggishly made it across the hall to the kitchen, hair still askew
“Nice hair” Said my roommate and boyfriend, Alex. He stood there with a fresh cup of great smelling coffee in his hand. He wasn't a morning person, he simply never slept.

I mumbled a little, head still foggy and disoriented from Morning Awakening Syndrome

Taking a cup I poured myself some of the freshly made coffee, being sure to add a lot of cream and sugar. I mixed it all together before taking a huge gulp.

“Mmmmmmm” was all I could let out as I felt the magnificent liquid make it's way into my sleeping belly.

“Ready for work, Lucy?” asked Alex, pouring what I assumed was his 6th cup.

“Nooo” I whined. I hated retail. I hated being a cashier. Customers could burn into a pile of smoldering ashes for all I cared. But I had to pay the bills somehow.

I poured myself a second cup and took it on the road. Alex's job was much further than mine, so I usually just walked to work. I didn't mind though, my job was just up the road. Let's hope that today goes by really fast, because I am not in the mood to rip anyone's heads off today.

The End

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