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A hard core fan's prequel to the film 'Labyrinth,' The Goblin Prince tells the story of how Jareth came to be the Goblin King, and how he fell in love with Sarah.

The first thing you must understand is that goblins are real. They lived in your closets and under your bed, they cast those horrid shadows on your walls by the milky light of the Moon, and whispered nightmares into your ear at night, flitting away just before your mother came in the room to wake you from your thrashing sleep. Goblins are real.

          The second thing you should then understand is that, never fear, they cannot harm you anymore—they’re only visible to eyes of innocence, to minds of imagination. These traits belong to small children, and since the reading comprehension level of this book is far beyond that of a child, I’ve already figured that you’ve long since grown up and picked up it up because your imagination isn’t as fertile as it once was. If, rather, you are indeed a child younger than the age of ten—you silly prodigy, get your nose out of novels and into college preparatory texts.

There’s a place, known to its natives as The Place, unreachable save by the light of the full Moon—I mentioned her before, yes—and by the shadow cast by a dead tree, in the darkest hour of the night. These are scarce conditions, but frequent enough for mischievous shadows to slip out of the portal formed by them. Goblins turn to ash by sunlight, and so they must be quick to terrorize sleeping—or sleepless children, and make it back to the portal before dawn breaks and shatters their way home. Else, they might take refuge in the shadows of your basement, or in the crawlspace below your floors, where they wait for the next full moon to rise and take advantage of each passing night until then.

                But goblins are not the only ones who can use the portals and enter The Place. Indeed, you and I could go there ourselves. Though, I do not recommend it—it’s a frightening place to be where things can see you that you yourself cannot see. It’s almost as frightening as that experience of one very unfortunate boy, whose happening upon The Place was a chance so small that it could only be destiny.


Ladies and gentlemen,

(or for the small prodigies: girls and boys,)

                I present you The Goblin Prince.

The End

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