"Labyrinth Of Mind"Mature

What would you do if you would wake up with no memories? You don't know who you can trust, who is lying and who is telling the truth. Your world is being turned upside down...
Welcome to nightmare!

Prologue - Realisation

He opened his eyes slowly. The strong, white light attacked him with the power of a supernova. The feeling of his eyelids having weights on them wouldn’t go away. Every move made him feel like a million needles were stabbing him without any mercy. A quiet moan came out of his mouth. Slowly, the boy tried to move his head to the right. On the perfectly white floor, there were cables that either ended up in his body or they ended their journey in the machine from where a loud beep sound was coming from.

What am I doing in this hospital?

The room was pure white. Walls, floor, even the bed. The kind of room in which bacteria walks in and gets a heart attack straight away because of how clean everything is. The only thing that did stand out in this room was an old TV, covered with layers of dust covering it like a web. There was a deep silence only attacked by a fan spinning around and the machine that seemed to be showing how his heart was working.

What happened?

Just like in the movies, the whitest of white doors opened when he thought that. A man with, oh irony, a white apron on walked in. His green eyes scanned across the room, smiling when his eyes reached the boy. Dr. Jackson stroked his black beard while thinking. The doctor shook his head like a dog when it comes out from the water, and he started to walk towards the boy’s bed. From a closer distance, the muscles of Jackson were very noticeable. He looked like Neo from Matrix, but on medical grounds.

What a guy.

“Hello, young fellow, how are you doing?” The doctor asked, taking the boy's medical card in his big hands. You could notice that his fingers were very agile, yet strong.

“Not really great, everything is hurting me… I can barely..." The boy coughed, sending impulses to pain making it even worse, "I can barely move –

“I am not surprised at all my friend.” Dr. Jackson was a very friendly soul. The boy couldn’t help, but to smile.

“Pardon my manners!” The doctor exclaimed. “I’m doctor Jackson, And you are?” The boy noticed that the doctor had a knowing glint in his eye, as if he already knew the question. But the boy smiled even wider by the friendliness of the doctor. But then the smile was overtook by disbelief, horror and shock.

“Oh my God… I… I can’t remember my name!”

The End

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