Yellow door

The yellow one obviously. I mean who wouldn't pick the one door that glowed like the sun? Obviously the sun meant something good. Right? (The answer is yes.)

I stared at the door for a second, trying to figure out how to open it. There was no knob. Great. I closed my eyes and sighed for a moment. That yellow really was starting to hurt. I reached out my hand and gingerly poked to door. Skloosh!! The entire thing just disintegrated there on the ground. I stood there with my mouth open. Wow... That was a little too easy. But I didn't really care. I stepped into the room and was met by the glaring stare of a glowing golden room. Way to enhance a headache.

The entire room was lined with bricks of gold that seemed in essence to have a soul of their own. They glittered and seemed to dance around the room. Or maybe that was just me getting nauseous from the glare. I closed my eyes and leaned against a wall. Which happened to be in the shape of an arm.

I jumped back surprised. The statue glared at me. I waved at it.

"Hello?" I knocked on his head, "Anyone home?" Apparently this was not proper statue etiquette and the thing's head bent down throwing me off balance. I tripped on my own feet and fell. When I got up again, I notice that there was a hidden set of stairs that was revealed after hitting the statue. Maybe I should go down. But then there was this other set of stairs across the room that led up. And then a door next to it. Great. Choices again. I hate choosing.

The End

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