Blue door

The Blue Door. A logical choice, right?

I approach it nervously, more than a little worried about my current predicament. As I touch the door handle, a shock runs up my hand. The door is ice cold, but for some reason I can't back away now. 

I open the door, only to be greeted with a blast of freezing arctic air. My feet step through the doorway, heedless of my minds commands. The crunch of snow beneath my bare feet should be unbearable, but it isn't. It's soft, and powdery, but before I can marvel at it for too long another great gust drags my eyes upwards.

A great blizzard is coming towards me at an incredible pace, and before I could even think to run or find shelter its upon me. I can't see for more than a few feet in either direction, I blunder wildly, completely lost now.

In my panic run I fall, but keep on falling for several seconds before landing with a dull thud into the knee deep snow, and as I struggle to my feet I have the strangest feeling of not being alone. 

As the feeling grew I was rooted in place, terrified of what was to come. It wasn't until I could feel the hot, dank, breath on the back of my neck before I ran again. This time faster, more desperate- fleeing from the roars I could still just hear behind me. 

I fell, exhausted into the snow. Panting so hard it felt like my lungs might burst. It wasn't until I had the strength to pull myself up again that I noticed the tree. It was very tall, taller than I could see in the blizzard. As I shuffled closer I began to make out a door in the trunk of the tree.

I ran to it, and passed inside with a need to hide from the storm and the beast that dwelt within it. Inside the cramped room there was a ladder. Looking up, the ladder climbed to a trap-door, and looking down it disappeared into darkness.

I was torn and confused, and only thing was certain. I couldn't go back out there. So grit my teeth and decided that I couldn't wait for the monster to burst in after me, but the question was should I climb up, or down?

The End

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