The Entrance

Open a door, and describe what is inside. Characters, alternate dimensions, tea parties, etc... Whatever fits for the situation.
Each door that you go into gets you further into the labyrinth, and therefore closer to the exit... But not all passages get you to the end alive!

I woke up with a pounding headache, as if two invisible smurf-sized percussionists were hammering away at the inside of my temples.  Automatically, I rubbed them extensively in an effort to relieve the blinding pain, when I realized something odd.

I wasn't laying on my queen mattress - I was laying on a cold stone floor.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, several more disturbing aspects of my surroundings became clear to me.  The stone I was laying on was not your average modern cut.  Rather, it was an authentic dark grey reminiscent of ancient castles, worn down by years of intense use.  Then I saw a trio of doors - one per wall, each one relating to one of the primary colors:  Blue, Yellow, and Red.

Lastly, and most intriguing, was a small quote in some ancient language engraved onto the single unoccupied wall.  Upon further investigation, I found an open book on the floor labeled Ancient Greek Dictionary - 3rd printing, auth. Tomas Parkinson.  Comparing the text on the wall to the translations inside, I found that it yielded two different sentences:

  1. The Labyrinth of Petyr
  2. Beware the Minotaur

Regardless of whether either of those snippets were euphamisms, two things became quite obvious to me:  That I needed to get out of there, and that someone had been here before me - hence the open Greek dictionary.

I took a deep breath, and stared at the three doors individually from the left to the right:  Red, Blue, Yellow.  Which one?

The End

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